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  1. Got that part- Now I would like to add headers like location, glass type, west-east-south-north facing, tc, etc. which I am able to do but it doesn't allow me to put anything into the cells to the corresponding windows
  2. Is it possible to create new columns in the window schedule? After I created my window and door schedule, I would like to add some additional columns, which I can and I can add a header - However, when trying to add info in the corresponding window/door row, I can't add information. Is there a way to add my own info
  3. Okay got it- Thanks- I was able to use the stake tool and enter the heights around the property lines. Now how would i subtract from the site model where my basement goes?
  4. Is it possible to create a 3-d model of the ground around a house from knowing only the ground plane drawn in 2-d line for the four elevations?
  5. Is it possible to adjust the sash width for the sides and top to, say 4", and have the bottom sash width to 10". I am trying to match the sash on the door
  6. Got it to work but added a suffix for my room location but it seems to show up on my floor plan- Any way to turn off the suffix on the floor plan only? thanks
  7. gREAT THANKS- Figured out how to removed the database header row. However, when trying to sort and drag the ascending icon over the header letter- nothing happens-
  8. I was wondering how you customize a window or door schedule. It seems when I create the schedule, I need to eliminate the one row where it has the total number of doors, total width, total height, etc. Is there a way to eliminate this line or not show it. When I try to eliminate it the whole schedule goes blank. Also, How do I make my door numbers go from lowest number to highest number
  9. Sorry, this is a little late: I specialize in residential, small commercial, custom cabinetry design.
  10. Looking for a better way to create a demo flr plan and proposed flr plan from m y existing plan. Currently, I create my existing floor plan and create my demo layer from this. I will copy the existing plan and create a new layer called the proposed layer. On this layer I remove any walls or doors, windows and add the new items as necessary. Is there a better way to use my existing flr plan drawing and create the demo and proposed from that? Do I need to create separate layers for each ie, existing, demo and proposed
  11. Is it possible to make a bay window in VW 17? I am looking to add one single window that would bump out behind a kitchen sink maybe protrude out 2' from the ext. wall
  12. Every time I make an extrude, I the object becomes see through. Is it possible to make this extrude solid? with a solid fill?
  13. I often stayed away from the stair tool and would like to use it more. I had a question about when setting the stairs in a 3 story home, do I place the stair on the basement level or do I place in on the first-floor level. The same would be for the stairs going up to the 2nd and 3rd story. Where would i place the stairs
  14. I was hoping someone would share any ideas of where to look for consulting work using Vectorworks. I am one person designer/drafter looking to take on additional work using Vectorworks. I know this is not the right forum to do this, however, I thought someone might have some suggestions. Thanks Andrew
  15. Is it possible to customize the overhead door tool to make garage doors that have windows in them? I and trying to make a 16'0" wide garage door and have 4 windows high on the garage and muntins bars with 8 panes in each window
  16. Is it possible to reorganize my design layer. I have my current floor plan and then interior several elevations that I crated from coping area of my floor plan all over the place on this layer. The layer has gotten really messy and unorganized. The only issue is I created several viewports of the interior elevations and placed those on the the appropriate sheets. If I move anything around on that layer it will effect what I see in my viewport. I thought there might be way around
  17. Great- I was able to create my "favorites symbols file. can I make it permanent in my library How would I share this so other in my group can access it in their resource browser Do I just share the favorite file?
  18. I am trying to figure out what the best practice is for doing interior elevations. I typically will copy are area on my floor plan on the floor plan layer, move it off to an area that has some open space. I then create my 2-d elevations, then create a viewports and put them on the appropriate sheets. I am not sure if this is the most effective way. If several people work on the file, often they move the items on my floor plan layer of the 2-d elevations and i am unable to then see the viewport on the sheet. Please let me know if there is a more effective way? thanks
  19. Andrew Mac


    Is it possible to export a file for PDF conversion and select the following: There are a total of 10 sheets in my file- I would like to export sheet 1-5, and sheet 9. Is it possible to export these 6 sheets as one set of pdf doc?
  20. I was recently asked this question- I keep thinking there are organizational things I could devote time to that might save time in the future but I continue to follow my old ways. For instance, I have never developed any libraries of details I use/modify frequently and always have to remember where I used them and then hunt for them. Some are things I’ve done by hand as a sketch because it’s still quicker for me. Is this cataloging of details something people do (not sure how it would be stored or searched)? Any other suggestions?
  21. I am trying to write a header on my work sheet that I want to have 3 lines: Energy Analysis: Alterations to apartments on 11th floor of a 19-story building. Climate Zone 4a I only want to use one cell so I will not have any lines. Is this possible
  22. Is there any way to track changes if you want to see what’s changed since you worked on a file?
  23. I was hoping for some best practice. I have been creating viewports of floors, elevations, wall details, etc then use the annotation toll to annotate and dimension on the viewport. When I go ahead and change the scale of the viewports, my annotations get all screwed up and I have to go back and adjust all the verbiage to make it look right. Is there a better approach?


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