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  1. Thank you very much.  This is what I figured.  I cant help but feel that BW was a bit ambitious of a product to be released before so many features that we knew were wanted have been able to be implemented.  This is the same with the curved LED wall tool, etc.  I suppose it is hard to keep up with technology changes.  I appreciate all the efforts.  Mid span connections are so much more common now than ever in corporate.

  2. Thanks!  Not really sure I know what a smiley face drive is...


    So far this has worked. and prevented the crash.  However is there a way to verify that I am installing the package manager resources into the F drive along with the install?  it seems to continue to download it to the C drive where I do not want it.

  3. Anyone else run into after attempting to change the user folder from the default location on the C drive to a different drive (that I actually installed the application on) that a warning that says vectorworks cannot locate the factory preferences and to reinstall?  I have never had this happen.  Fresh install of 23, both WITH user migration, and without user migration.  Both results are the same.

  4. On 10/4/2020 at 1:00 PM, scottmoore said:

    @samjones your points, as always are valid. I always leave the cabling to master electricians so I don’t really utilize the cable tool functionality. 

    What I do find myself doing on a regular basis as a production designer and production manager is drawing out 3D representations of complicated cable paths. I have found that having a single technician that runs a cable incorrectly during a load-in can bring a complicated production to a halt for a long time while this is rectified.  The time spent extruding along path, calculating specific overall lengths and detailing where and how a cable gets from dimmer world on a catwalk, to a pick, down to the floor for load-in, back up to a grid, back down to a truss structure by way of a chain slider, etc. is invaluable.  

    HAHAH, thats assuming that your local crew actually reads the documents you send to them... I cant count how many shows I have added cable Breaks in truss lines and made the warning in big bold flashing neon lighting on the plan and still they do not pay attention... The tools and pre planning are only as god as the crew building it.. I try my best, and just facepalm damn near every time I have a local crew... 

  5. In light of all the negative stuff that commonly comes out about a new launch... I would like to say the rigging improvements have been very nice.  Just the ability to use house rigging points as clip and goes is fantastic!



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  6. Checked and yes its there in the spotlight only workspace. The video does not mention that it needs to be in the spotlight workspace, it just says the pallet menu.  My apologies.  I work out of many many workspaces and as soon as I fired 2021 up it just wasnt there, so I just hastily did what I always do and edited the tools into it.  I find the default workspaces do not fit my workflow often.

  7. Good day, is there a way to get the package manager to install the libraries onto the same hard drive that vectorworks is installed on?

    I have added user folders and set all folders to my H drive, but for some reason the package manager installs the libraries on the C drive every single time I run it.

    Any help?

  8. Good day sir, Thank you for your reply.


    I guess I will start with the expectation of your user base.  People use VWX to allow them to work on shows all in one file, and not HAVE to go out to other platforms and re-do work.  This was the case with braceworks, I can do all my truss counts, motors etc in the showfile, then export worksheets.


    In the case of ConnectCAD being like stardraw, and your question about why I left, see above, AND stardraws libraries are not as up to date as I would like them to be, plus their customer service is sub-par.  I figured (and asked the questions pre launch with no answer) if since the resources are already in VWX library, I thought they would pull those to be able to create the racks, schematics etc.  


    I certainly do not mind having to build a device that is a one off, or is oddly configured, but there is a complete lack of resources to be able to just drop in and go.  I would like to see those resources in the resource browser like any other asset, than having to go through the builder every single time I want to drop one in.


    Also, the 3D geometry is unacceptable in my honest opinion.  The schematic and 3d iso views should have some sort of link between the assets, for example, I was trying to recreate some of our higher end Wireless racks, and though you have a lot of good assets in there for Shure, I added the 24 Space racks, added the generic devices in the racks, at this point I had to go in again and re-add everything for the schematic view.  How come I cannot just simply add gear into a rack, and have the asset already available to auto populate on a 2d plan?  Does not have to happen automatically, but maybe a choice click to populate or something.  It is just very redundant to have to do work multiple times.  Plus I cannot provide a 3d view of blocks to my procurement people and hope they can use their imagination, I will get a lot of capex denials.  Thus I have to go back in and do a separate 3d file just for them.


    I also am missing a lot of informational fields that I wish I would see such as IP addresses, Subnets, Domains, Switch configurations (managed vs unmanaged, ability to split ports etc) 


    Some Virtual Video solutions are coming very popular as well in the last 6 months such as OBS and NDI, And I have noticed that when I do virtual things like those and Dante Virtual soundcard the check drawings functions get really wonky and freeze things up.  I am likely using that tool wrong.  


    As our industry moves farther and farther towards virtual and broadcast design, it only makes sense to put a lot of effort into a tool that makes that easier.


    Also, since so much work is done in spotlight with cabling, power runs, addresses, is there a way to take a current drawing and populate a connectCAD layout using the existing work that has already been done in the file?  This would come in handy especially with hoist cabling.


    No product is ever perfect, however after it took braceworks many years to even become useful, I am just hoping that it does not take a much simpler add-on as long.  I felt like a beta tester for a released product.  


    The one thing I really enjoy is VWX love for feedback and how seriously you take suggestions.  That is really a wonderful thing.  I have been a user since 02 and I really don't think I am going anywhere, but given my level of expertise I have vs the normal user, the last couple releases of add-ons have been flops in my humble opinion.


    If you feel this would be better suited in its own thread, please feel free to move it and start the conversation!


    Thank you for your time.



  9. Hey Nik, 


    Thanks for your response.  I moved to CC from Stardraw.... I am looking for features that have already been in this software for decades.  I want a stock database of regularly updated items that you would find in schematics and block diagrams.  This is one thing I asked frequently while researching this product and I was assured that the database is very large.  This is not the case since every answer to a concern I have is "just build one in the device builder",  that is VWX job as a product developer.  I know that there are millions of products out there that could be added, but using already existing products in the libraries for spotlight and modifying them to go into CC doesnt seem like to much of an ask.  For example, I have been creating my Axient racks and the most detail I can get without throwing a gaudy copied picture off google is a plain box with some text in it.  


    I also want to see features such as IP addressing, software/hardware version numbers, etc.  You have a tool for DMX addressing so why not an IP addressing tool.


    Basically, I felt like a guinea pig for the first couple years of braceworks, and I am getting that feeling again.

  10. IS there a way to increase the font size of the port tags?  Editing the devices do not allow a change that I know of.


    Also is there any plans to use actual devices in racks that you can pull from the schematic view?  


    A lot of the symbols are already in the library anyways, so when adding a device to racks why cant we have the actual connections and geometry from the unit itself?


    I would also like to see computers in the device builder, laptops and desktops can be so customized I get it, but allow us to have a good start and edit as our needs.

  11. Nice Insight Rob, thank you for that.


    But for a company like mod truss, who HAS given out all the data, why does the full connectivity of those systems still not work?  It took almost two years for me to be able to make a t section in the XSF library, (without making full custom cross section data, which defeats the point of the product when I am still just "close enough") I think what everyone is trying to say is that, though its a labor of love from the VWX staff, right now its still a broken product, and a very expensive one.  In the corporate world, 99 percent of my rigging is click and go, so I was excited when I saw the house rigging point tool, only to be disappointed to find out hoists wont connect to them....  etc.  I know you all are working hard, but I have to admit the features have been quite slow to roll out.

  12. It is windows ten, but I have confirmed that vision is running off the nvidia GPU.


    What gets me is that a program that is not even installed is crashing.  I have a file into support we will see what they say.  In the meantime I have just been setting everything up manually in 2020 as it runs just fine standalone.


    I will keep everyone updated.

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