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  1. Thanks JimW yes it is the B50-70... i have lousy internet and my dongle has 8gig and constantly drops out - the file you suggested to download is 320mb - when i find a connection to handle this i will follow your instructions - and will post again then -
  2. Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803 (3) Last failed install attempt on ‎28/‎05/‎2018 - 0x80240034 is this my problem? and do you know what i can do about it? thank you
  3. thanks Jim w - have attached the dxdiag info DxDiag.txt graphics device driver error code 43...looks suspect... but not sure what to do with that...
  4. thanks Zoomer - i moved my model closer to the internal origin - only part of the model became visible when in open gl - then vectorworks stopped working and the program closed.. i can't believe that all my files with 3d geometry are behaving like this - 3 days ago all was working fine.. and i haven't downloaded any updates etc
  5. ok - i'll try that tomorrow now... thanks for your help
  6. markdd have emailed you via the website listed - if you have dropbox i could send you a link ? martin d - yes i have done that -
  7. no its on my design layer - 1
  8. my whole program is slow and not happy when in 3d mode - when i go to left iso mode my model disappears or is half visible... see the attached - i've tried 6 different files and all are behaving the same.. i upgraded to vw18 6 days ago but uninstalled it because it wasn't running smoothly and i was in the middle of an important project.. vw17 was running normal till about 24 hours ago...now my vw17 is behaving the same way - i have checked the unified view tab.. any ideas???


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