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  1. Thanks, deep in the recesses of my brain I knew I had seen it before, but just couldn't recall. Alex
  2. Is there a way to toggle off the red/blue/green axis lines in open GL mode. When I send screenshots to a client those lines are a bit distracting. Thanks Alex
  3. Hi there: It would be great to be able to add muntins in a round window. This seems to be not an option under 2017 . Any chance of adding that in for 2018? Thanks
  4. Yes, selecting "custom" will work, but will result in the benchmark being a static object. I'd like the benchmark to be referenced in 3d space so it updates with a change in story height.
  5. Does anyone know how to make elevation benchmarks display in viewport annotations in decimal feet while having the drawing units set to feet & inches? A workaround seems to be converting the drawing units to decimal feet and then shifting the benchmarks horizontally by a pixel (shift + left arrow), then converting the drawing back to feet & inches for dimensioning the rest of the building. The benchmarks appear to stay in decimal feet in the annotations while the dimensions on the rest of the file switch back to feet & inches, but if you move or edit the benchmark then it will convert back to feet & inches, forcing you to repeat the unit switch process over again to get the benchmark back to decimal feet.
  6. Anyone know how to delete unwanted default dimension styles in a template drawing - I just want my custom styles to appear in the drop down menu - not the ones supplied by vectorworks.


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