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  1. Hi Pat, I just realized that you have replied to my posting. Here is one of the custom command I made for 0.1mm line. Sorry, it became two piece photos. Regards, Mike
  2. Hi Does anyone use custom-made tool command? For example a typical line, we set thickness, colour etc. and make a custom-tool. Now, in the macro, how can we repeat the same command without re-clicking the command again? This was not an issue in order Vectorworks. Probably 2016 version but 2017, the macro for repeating the same command (until next tool is selected) didn't get recognized. 2018 and 2019 are the same. Something was changed and I couldn't make the "repeat" happen again. So when I want to draw the same line which is set by the custom tool, I have to click it again and draw which is wasting the time. Please kindly help if you know the answer. Mike
  3. Hi, I used to make Custom Tool to pick certain wall type to draw by one simple click from Custom Tool Pallet until version 2017. However, 2019 doesn't recognize the Custom Tool and simply give me an error message. To make the Custom Tool, I used to select wall tool and select a wall type and used the command under "Tools" in pull-down menu and set necessary attributes and worked. However, VW2019 doesn't record the attributes anymore so the custom tool can be made but wall type stays with whatever I previously used. Is there a way to make it work instead of going into complicated macro programming. Regards, Mike Mikamo


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