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  1. One more issue here...when I try to modify the Connector types or Signal types text files I can not save it. I get an error saying that "I do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission." My CAD machine is not controlled by anyone other than myself and I have full administrator permissions when I turn it on. I'm running Windows 10 Home. Any ideas??
  2. Thanks for the link. I will try that out. And yes, by all means use my statement about the lack of tutorials as much as you want. I feel that Vectorworks is supported in many ways but I find it ridiculous that tutorials and even a manual of some sort is non-existent. Is it really that hard to give customers some resources to learn how to use your products? Relying on out-dated info from previous versions is unacceptable. I appreciate your help very much but posting a question here every time I run into an issue is not a good work flow.
  3. Are there any Toslink connectors in CannectCAD? I am trying to build a system schematic for an audio system with several consumer level devices. I can not figure out how to do Toslink connections or bare speaker wire. I am finding that the lack of support/tutorial videos on ConnectCAD is making it very hard to justify paying for it. I'm trying to do something simple and it isn't working well for me.
  4. Thank you for the help. I normally draw AV layouts and need to start rendering them for my clients. Most of the room lighting will actually come from the theatrical lighting that my LD adds to the project. I just want to add in some more detail to make the renderings closer to reality. I will try this out and let you know how it turns out.
  5. How do you create the light bulbs in a chandelier that actually put out light when the scene is rendered? I want to design a chandelier based off of images and measurements taken in a hotel ballroom. I would like to be able to have them glow as if they are turned on as it would be in the normal environment. How do I create the actual bulbs that would be put in place?
  6. What would cause the Renderworks options under the Teapot icon to disappear after loading a file? This seems to happen with files that were originally generated with VWX2019 and opened in 2020. The only thing I have done differently is updated the processor, RAM, motherboard and graphics card in my machine. Hard drives were just moved over so it is not a new install of VWX. With that much of a change to the hardware would I need to reinstall VWX anyway?
  7. So here is what I did... Changed the motherboard and put in 32G of RAM and a Ryzen 9 3900x processor. I also changed out to a Radeon 5500xt graphics card that is equipped with 8G of VRAM. I am underwhelmed, to say the least. It loads files 100% faster based on my own non-scientific method of timing it. The problem is in rendering. It is not much faster than before when rendering a particular file I have been using as my benchmark. OpenGL rendered views appear to move smoother when rotated and when I tested it rendering in "Sketch" mode it is faster, but not by much. My bigger issue, that I did not see prior to upgrading, is that most of the time when I open a 2019 generated file, Renderworks disappears. Under the teapot icon any of the Renderworks option are gone. If I click on Window/Pallettes/Visualization I get a window saying it is only available in Renderworks. I am perplexed by this to say the least. Any ideas?
  8. I was already planning on a new motherboard and yes, I knew changing the processor would require a new motherboard and RAM. I already have the Quadra P2000. It was chosen a few years ago when I was primarily using AutoCAD. My main question was trying to figure out how to configure things based on how VW uses the hardware resources. The graphics card is part of that equation, I just wasn't clear if a gaming style card would work better than the Quadro. It has 5g of VRAM, so I would guess that a gaming card with 8g or 11g would work better given what I have been told about VW and graphics use. True?
  9. Currently I render with Renderworks. I know there are other solutions out there but I haven't looked at any yet.
  10. I am starting to do a lot more with rendering so I will need some more speed there. Most of the stuff I am working on is 3d and will be more so in the future.
  11. I built a Windows based dedicated CAD machine a few years ago and I am in the planning stage to update the hardware in it. I am currently running an Intel i7-4790k processor with 32GB of RAM and a nVidia Quadro P2000 graphics card. I use a Dell 27" display as my main running at 2560x1440 (native) and my secondary display is an LG running at 1920x1080 (native). I will most likely switch out the LG for another 2560x1440 display. So far, I have been very pleased with the speed and operation of Vectorworks on this machine. It is dedicated to Vectorworks. I do use other software on it but email, office, etc. is all done on my new 16" MacBook Pro. My plan is to change out the processor to either an Intel i9-9900 or an AMD Ryzen 3900x. I will stay at 32GB of RAM and obviously will need to change MBs. My main question is with the graphics card. Should I worry about changing it? Will moving to a new gaming style graphics card be a better performer? Thanks for any input...
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