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  1. Thank you for the help. I'll give this a try.
  2. I received a civil #d file from a client to use in my preparation of a master development plan. When I inserted the file in a new drawing the size of the file doubled and all of the items that were poly lines in the original defaulted to millions of tiny line segments. The file was extremely slow in responding to commands and I could do nothing to improve the situation. As a last resort I called support and the person I spoke to said the civil three d would not work in VW. Why can't we have the ability to import those type of files in a usable format? I see that you allow Revit but more and more of the Civil companies are going to Civil 3d and this creates an issue. Any ideas on how I should proceed? 10-01-2020 Project Drawing Base.vwx
  3. I found out that my HDMI for the INVIDIA card was plugged into the incorrect slot. I moved the plug in to a different HDMI slot and everything worked fine.
  4. I have tried to use this path to properly activate my Nvidia cards. Unfortunately my computer is using only the intel graphics cards and it is refusing to open the Nvidia Control Panel. How do I get the panel to open since the use of the Intel card is locking me out?
  5. I got a copy of the updater off a second installation and copied it to my main computer and solved the problem. Thanks for your information
  6. I am attempting to install the upgrade SP-1 for VW 2019. There is no folder called Vectorworks updater in my program files so I cannot use that method of installation. When I do a direct download I get a program that is impossible to open. I have included a screenshot of my VW 2019 program file folders. Anybody else having this issue?
  7. when will you modify the Landmark to accept Sketchup 2018
  8. Thanks to all I will give the xref solution a try.
  9. When I start a new project the Client generally provides a CAD base file for me. As we move along the Client makes changes to his site drawing and forwards me new grading, new road locations, etc. Is there a simple way to put in the file update? Right now when I drop in one of these change files it is a painful process to get the data corrected. Thanks for the help Jon


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