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  1. When I open VW by double-clicking on a file (it doesn't seem to matter what version) nothing I do once in the program seems to have any affect. From changing workspaces to affecting items in the file to opening or closing the file from the menu, nothing responds. I can only close VW via the hard close X at the top right corner. If I open from the shortcut icon and allow the program to open on it's own, THEN go through the file menu to select and open a file, all is well. Has anyone encountered this before? Does anyone have an idea why this occurs? Thanks!!! C
  2. I have re-installed v11, and the problem still persists. All classes on, and when I refresh, the label legend text is missing. All fixtures have internal information - and on another computer (or in v10.5) the label legends show up, however, when refreshed on my computer in v11 they disappear. (On my computer in v10.5 they show up as they should). I opened an old file in v11 that was originally built in v10.5 and when refreshed in v11 the same problem is demonstrated. I would appreciate any advice you could give.
  3. All the Label Legend classes are on, in fact, even when I turn ALL the classes on, just to check, I still have no legend info appearing. I am going to try a re-install, and I will let you know if that solves it or not. Thanks.
  4. I have the same dilemna, and I am using VW11, XP. If I open the file on another computer in the office and refresh, the label legends appear no problem. I save, and open it on my own machine - info still there. As soon as I alter an instrument in any way or refresh anything, the label legend information dissapears. Label legends are still there, but all information has dissapeared, leaving only the handles to move the missing info. Please advise if you can on how to alleviate this problem. Do I need to re-install?
  5. I recently purchased VW 10.1.0-Spotlight with Renderworks, but the disc I received in the mail included installation instructions which state "This cd will install an evaluation version of (...multiple types of VW including ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT, MECHANICAL) in any combination. The VectorWorks Eval application will be fully functional except that it will not save, export, or print drawings, and RenderWorks will not be included." I hesitate to begin installation because of the repeated mention of "Eval application" and the fact the "RenderWorks will not be included". Can someone let me know why this is referred to as an evaluation version without RenderWorks when I purchased "VW10-Spotlight with RenderWorks"? Thanks! Cat
  6. I was able to export a bitmap file. I found it and opened it and everything! If I need it as a jpg, I can always take it into photoshop and convert it, although there should be a way to export a .jpg, shouldn't there. Would the authoring tools affect what type of file I am able to export to? Catherine
  7. Well, It seemed as though the export was working, but when I go to find the file after I've exported it, it is not anywhere to be found. I export to image, select jpg and the appropriate file location, and save. Once it completes, it returns to the save image file box. If I look in the location where I saved it, nothing. I searched for jpg files by the name I saved it as, and nothing. Any ideas? Catherine
  8. Thank you! That got it! I reinstalled custom again, choosing 3D and Still Image and I can now export to Image file. Much appreciated, Catherine
  9. Is there a way to import someone else's saved sheet? I am a lighting designer working off the scenic designer's file. I workgrouped in his file, and built my file and my lights inmy own. Unfortunately, his sheets do not workgroup in. I would like to create the lighting looks based off of the setups in his saved sheets, but I am having difficulty importing (or otherwise gaining access in my file to) his sheets. Any Advice? Thanks! Catherine
  10. I reinstalled Quicktime 5, customizing and adding the 3D Draw options, restarted my computer, but still no go. I opened the file, got it the image that I wanted to export to a jpg, but still when I try to export to image file, nothing happens. No dialog box opens, no options to choose from, just nothing - as if I had not done anything. What else could I be doing wrong?
  11. I am having difficulty exporting to an image file. When I select it, nothing happens. No window with options, it is just as if I did not select anything. Any advice? Thanks, Catherine
  12. When I say grainy, I mean it looks granulated or pixelated, when it is not. There are not many lights, just a few point sources (few meaning 3-4). I am using 2 files, the first being my file- the lighting file which is workgrouping in the scenic file. When I open the scenic file alone, it renders beautifully. When I try to render the lighting file that is referencing the scenic, that is when it is grainy. Any thoughts?Thanks!Catherine
  13. I am a lighting designer and working on a University network with other set designers I will workgroup in their set file and work on just the lighting portion of it, in my file. My issue with this is that when adding a new workgroup or updating an existing workgroup, the set designer has to close his/her file so that I can add new, or update. Given that I cannot change his file, why isn't it just coming in as a "read only" file, thus allowing me to add new or update while his/her file is open? Workgroups are pretty much the same as Autocad X-refs and in Autocad, it is possible to add xrefs while others are in the file. This problem is particularly distrurbing when I am on one part of campus and the set designer is on another and I cannot get a hold of him/her to close their file while I add new, or update. Let me know if there is a way around this.Thanks,Catherine
  14. I am a lighting designer and am using workgroups to bring in the Set Designer's Set, so that I can work on it, but when I do it, his glass texture renders with a lot of 'noise' - it looks very granulated If I open his file directly and render it, it looks great, but if I workgroup it in, it comes out grainy. Help! Catherine
  15. When I?m in Top/Plan view my pipes are centered over stage and have lighting position names. When I switch to top or any other 3D view (trying to drop a light), the pipes shift over about 2 feet, and the labels disappear. Can someone enlighten me as to how to prevent to pipes from changing position? Chegs77
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