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  1. 2 minutes ago, Christiaan said:

    iCloud is similar to Dropbox in that it simply synchronises files between your devices, using Apple's own iCloud servers as the go between. So when you work on a file that you store in iCloud you are actually already working on the local version of the file. So your internet speed won't make any difference to the performance of Vectorworks. It only comes into play when you save the file and your computer uploads that new version to the iCloud servers. But even then, it shouldn't make any difference to you if you're the only one working on that file, certainly not in terms of speed working on the file. Where it makes a difference is when you're collaborating with other people, because they're waiting for your saved file to be uploaded to the servers so their machine can then download the latest version. However I highly doubt you're collaborating with iCloud and I wouldn't recommend it.


    I've used similar services (e.g. Dropbox and Resilio), which are actually designed for collaboration, and Project Files are advantageous because you can set them up in such a way that data is only synchronised over the internet when you do a 'Save & Commit' rather than every time you save your Working File. 


    Even though you're probably not collaborating with anybody I would actually recommend using Project Sharing for the simple reason to save yourself bandwidth. If you save your Project File in your iCloud Documents folder but you save your Working File in your User account Documents folder (or somewhere else that isn't your iCloud folder) then you've only be uploading changes when you do a Save & Commit. This does introduce a little complexity so if bandwidth really isn't an issue for you maybe better just sticking with VWX files.


    Note 1: you don't need additional memory for Project Sharing

    Note 2: I don't think you need Server-based Project Sharing. That's for offices. Stick with File-based Project Sharing.

    Thanks Christiaan, whilst I remain a micro-practice on micro projects I'll stick with the VWX format then even though they are all (small)BIM. However I hope even as a micro-practice to be working on much larger projects as I know from experience that a single architect, with no assistants, can handle a £10 million hospital project. I'd love to get ack to the bigger projects 🙂

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  2. 5 minutes ago, line-weight said:

    So...here is my previous experience with Revit import - I find on Bimobject a door or window I want. Let's say from the Velfac range. It doesn't have a Vectorworks specific version so I download the Revit version.


    Then I go to Revit import and import that window. And it does import, but it imports as some kind of mesh object, and this is essentially useless because it's not parametric; I can't tell it to be the specific size and configuration I'm after.

    Line-weight, in my experience very few BIM objects in Revit. Revit 'families' is as close as it gets. The reason is that it is not in AutoDesk's or the manufacturer's interests to do so. Vectorworks has a much more 'parametric' basic 'generic' core of objects that speeds up production in line with design practice. Revit 'prefers' designers to be too specific too early. VW opts for updating information during the design process, which is how as an architect I work. Revit prefers the designer to insert and replace with specific products even before they've been specified.


    The very reason I rejected Revit as my BIM software of choice in the first place. But, as ever, hype succeeds over common sense.

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  3. Any Vacancies in London, or East Midlands, for a Vectorworks using architect with 35 years experience? Preferably near East Midlands Line (St. Pancras) or Thameslink Station. I know it is a long shot, but you never know. CV available on request. ARB/RIBA/ACA with PGDip(Arch Cons).

  4. Hi Tom82,


    I too am looking to find architects in London using Vectorworks. Did you have any luck? LinkedIn was fruitless in my search. It is my software of choice and I've decided to try and continue my career in London. My home in the East Midlands is easily commutable to St. Pancras or any Thameslink Station. 

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