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  1. Thanx Andy...that did the trick!!
  2. I've been using VW2017 and in the last day or two while using vectorworks I inadvertently pressed some sort of 'short cut' button that caused my drawing to be on a different active layer than what I am actually drawing on. If I try to draw anything new into the plan, from above it looks correct, but as soon as I rotate the drawing, the new addition doesn't rotate with the rest of the drawing...it merely stays in the 2D view, as everything else revolves around behind it. I've already tried setting the active plane, unifying layers...etc. There must be some kind of quick fix, but for the life of me, I don't know what it could be & it's driving me crazy! AAAARRRRGG. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. I just recently updated my Mac system to macOS Sierra 10.12.1...once I did this and entered into my drawings, I was no longer able to use any of the library items in the Resource manager. I am a VSS member, and prior to updating my system to Sierra everything worked flawlessly, however now everything seems to be blocked. Upon opening VW2017 a pop-up box appears in the middle of my screen that says..."New online resource library catalogs are available for download. Would you like to update your library catalog now? Updating the library catalog will re-index your libraries for the Resource Manager." So I click on "Download and Update". It runs for about 20 seconds and then another box appears in the middle of the screen and says..."The Following library could not be updated: Vectorworks Libraries. Verify that you are connected to the internet and have write access to the application libraries folder." That's basically where everything stops and I no longer have any access to any of the online Library objects...I mean, I can click on the Resource Manager and display the objects in the RM, but I can't download any of them and use them in my drawings/files?! Pls help.
  4. I have been running into issues with Rendering textures in my drawings. I have been using Vectorworks on my home computer since 2010 and the problem that I have noticed with the most recent update (version 2017), is that when I import/update my older plans and renderings into the 2017 version all the textures don't receive proper 'bump' values. When I start a new plan in the 2017 version and render it, everything works perfectly and renders beautifully. I've tried creating and editing textures in an original 2017 document and then importing them into an 'updated document', yet as soon as the texture is imported it no longer renders as it did in the original 2017 document where I created the texture. I've double checked all my lighting options, rendering options, and toggled all the same parameters in both documents but the end results of the renderings are completely different. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, or maybe I've just got something really simple toggled wrong or set up wrong in previous documents that I haven't thought about checking but I hope you can help me or give me tips on a few things that I could check to allow me to update my renderings in older plans. Thank-you very much!
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