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  1. Hi JimW , works fine in the new user account - time to delete old account?
  2. I took the plunge also - works fine on the office retina iMac......no issues. ... but is not working on the home 2013 iMac - crashes on start-up (normally takes 3 attempts to load) - crashes when I open a file and I get black palettes if I try to move them , then crashes .. have tried to uninstall and reinstall but to no avail. Also gives me the 2015 icon for drawing files rather than the new red 2016 one. Graphics card issue? (older iMac has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1024 MB)
  3. are there going to be any video tutorials for energos, marionette etc? The GSG guides are good and I liked the new render works one. I don't think I'll ever understand marionette scripting but willing to watch a video first before conceding defeat!
  4. maybe JimW I'll be distracted by VW2016.. what date did you say it was out again?..
  5. i know, I know! ...... just was checking...
  6. thanks! were you having problems with 2015 or 2016....!!
  7. Hi All, is OS X El Capitan ok with Vectorworks 2015? was thinking of upgrading before the Sept.30th launch...
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