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  1. That does explain it. Thanks for clarifying. I will try the delete option and see if that works. I look forward to seeing Marionette become more robust!
  2. I have an object, a rectangle, that has shared characteristics from other elements but I only want it to exist if certain parameters are met. I linked the rectangle to the other elements that it is sharing its characteristics with and then linked the rectangle to an "if" node at the "true" link. My issue is that even if the "if" node test is false the rectangle still appears. I assume it is because the rectangle shares its characteristics with other elements and that circumvents the "if" node. Is there a way to have the "if" node control the existence of this type of rectangle? The bottom "Wrapper" is the item I referring to. As you can see it is linked to other elements of the script as well as the "if" node.
  3. I want a marionette command that can duplicate array an object.
  4. How can I set this up? I tried duplicating and using move but that does not get the job done.
  5. The "Duplicate" operation can only have an input integer in the "num" field. Meaning no math can be done and connected to the "num" field. Are there any workarounds for this? Even when I tried to round or do math that resulted in an integer the same error results "'float' cannot be interpreted as an integer". Thanks.
  6. I did that initially, but I am not sure how I would incorporate the other aspects of the drawing into the OIP. Any information to share on doing this? Thanks.
  7. I have to spend sometime dissecting this code. Thanks for the assistance.
  8. I have attempted to research this topic via Google to no avail as I do not know exactly what I am looking for. I am trying to develop a custom dialog box that will allow a user to input numbers in order to create specific drawing. The drawing itself is rather uncomplicated. It is a rectangle with an offset that will have a circles at intervals of 24" which is contingent on the rectangle dimension. Similar to this image: This is the custom dialog box code I have manipulated. PROCEDURE CreateDialog; VAR id: LONGINT; result : LONGINT; BEGIN id := CreateLayout('Panel',TRUE,'Generate', ''); CreateGroupBox(id,4,'Shell',TRUE); CreateEditText(id,5,'Width',26); CreateEditText(id,6,'Length',26); CreateGroupBox(id,7,'Armature',TRUE); CreateEditText(id,8,'Width Offset',26); CreateEditText(id,9,'Length Offset',26); SetFirstLayoutItem(id, 4); SetFirstGroupItem(id,4,5); SetRightItem(id,5,6,0,0); SetBelowItem(id,4,7,0,0); SetFirstGroupItem(id,7,8); SetRightItem(id,8,9,0,0); result := RunLayoutDialog(id,NIL); END; RUN(CreateDialog); I understand how to command vectorscript to draw a rectangle but I am unsure how to connect that command to the dialog box and furthermore I do not know how to make the circles contingent on the overall dimensions of the rectangle. I am not looking for someone to do my work, I just need assistance on where to look for help. I have read over the Vectorscript reference and done some searches on the function reference but neither explain a great deal to those who are not familiar with coding language. Any pointers? Thank you
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