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  1. Column breaks for General Notes would be very helpful, particularly now that many of our drawings are produced at A3 size.
  2. Hi Art, thanks for the thought, but that seems to be overcomplicating the issue. I am using the column tool to create the 3D model of the lookout and the 2D paper drawing then generates without any further effort from me. I don't really see the point in using a second tool to do what is already included in the Architect package. I don't understand why Landmark gets only some of the column features. There is a work around using the "Name" field as a substitute for the "Column ID". Using a second tool also increases the chance of an error and increases drawing time with the need to double check that every column has a stake and that the centre points of both are identical. There is no need to show the co-ordinates on the drawing. The table produced provides the co-ordinates for the surveyor to load into the total station for set out, and gives the contractor the post lengths and post types so that they can order the timber and identify which post goes where.
  3. I was wanting to produce a table of column (post) locations, heights and lengths for a national park lookout to give to the surveyor for setting out the footings and discovered that there is no Column ID field in Landscape. Could we have the functionality of the Architect package for columns included in Landscape or at least give us the Column ID field.
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