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  1. I'm trying to make a marionette network for creating a series of rectangles where each is based on the previous in the sequence with the first, last and quantity of rectangles is specified. I can do it by duplicating a couple of nodes but I'm thinking there has to be a way to do this with a combination of the repeat node and... I've done this using a spreadsheet in conjunction with a marionetwork(™) but I'd like to cut the spreadsheet out of the flow. Marionette Rectangle Generator.vwx
  2. I've created a grid of rectangles and haven't yet figured out how to have random rectangles not created, thus leaving blank spaces. viewing the values contained in the last wire of the network shows zeros and "Vectorworks Handle type: 3"s, but the created group is composed entirely of rectangles. Shouldn't the zeros not output rectangles? How is the If node used?.vwx
  3. Thanks for the help sbarrett and MarissaF. Everything works perfectly so far.
  4. I should elaborate, I'm trying to label the circles 1 through 61, 1 having the largest diameter. I've placed labels below the circles in the desired order. In the worksheet, col. E is a reordered col. B, which has the pipe diameters, and col. A is the corresponding note number (I found out how not to do what I want when I discovered VW does not have a vlookup function for worksheets.) Pipe Labeling_sb_pt.vwx
  5. Using a worksheet and a marionette network, I can create 61 circles (one rank of organ pipes) with spacing based on a percentage of their diameters. I'm trying to figure out how to create number labels for the pipes. I want the largest circle to be "1" and so on with the label using the same center as it's circle. Pipe Labeling.vwx


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