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  1. VW2018 Designer Renderworks Windows 10 64 bit We have 4 machines experiencing this issue, with slightly different specs. One with a 980, rather than 970 nvidia graphics card. I don't think it is spec related, just a buggy release. I can use our 2017 version, but not great for the new guy who just joined us with 2018. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hi, When you are creating/moving a new object, the data bar pop up sometimes stops functioning? E.g. If I draw a line, and then press tab to fill in the distance dimension, I can't type more than the first digit. I can tab between the angle, and other info boxes etc. But I can't enter more than one digit. I can't work out the scenario that is causing this, but I'll keep an eye out. The only way to fix it is restarting VW, but it can happen quite frequently.
  3. Hi there, My hard drive has just died on me, and I couldn't even fix the boot sector. I installed a new hard drive that now boots to windows, and formatted the old drive that I am trying to now get some of the old data off. I formatted it, don't ask... (I couldn't access it at all, couldn't assign a drive letter, couldn't scan it with recovery software) But I can now access it! Basically I'm wondering if anyone knows of data recovery software that can locate .vwx files on the formatted drive. I'm trying the beta of 'Disk Drill' for PC (scanning now), but I'm not sure if they support .vwx like the MAC version does. Does anyone know of, or have experience of software that can help me? Many thanks, Jon.
  4. Hi, I work in the design dept for a Playground Design company. My job is to get plans banged out and sent off within 0.5 - 2 days. Below is an example of something I'd get out within that time. (right click and view image to see full size) I'm looking to increase the speed at which I can get these plans out, and I've been creating symbols out of all of our products that has saved considerable amounts of time. If I could, I'd love to spend more time adding in surrounding buildings, etc, but a lot of the time it is time constraining and I just don't have time. Building fences (for example) can add a lot of time, and I'd like to be able to draw a line and then have it build a (better quality) fence based on my textures and post symbols. We also have Canopies (seen middel top of image) that have to fit existing spaces, so are bespoke builds. At the moment I don't bother with the guttering as it takes quite a bit of time to model it out, and we don't feel it adds that much more value. Basically I'd like to be able to specify lengths/dimensions of an object with a polyline, and have Vectorworks build it based on those constraints. This may not be possible, but there might be some areas that I can do something like this. Are there any tools I am missing that could help me build repeating fence lines quickly? Are there any other suggestions out there to speed up what I am doing? Custom scripts, etc? I also use fairly low render settings, but our models are not generic solids and so contain a lot of the build history. Will turning everything into generic solids in a scene like this help consierably with VW performance and rendering? Many thanks, Jon. P.s We are using Vectorworks Designer 2016
  5. No, I'm not talking about seamless textures and what not. Neither do we have the time for rendering displacements. What I'm talking about is having lots of wood beams (separate objects) next to each other, all textured with the same wood texture. If there is a knot in the wood texture, it will be in the same place for all the objects next to it, and so I have to change the positioning of the texture across all the objects. That could be 100's per model. Imagine some floorboards, all individually modelled. If I select them all and texture them with a wood texture, a knot will appear on ALL objects in the same position. Thus you get repeating textures... I want to be able to randomise how it maps the texture to the object.
  6. Hi, I work for a company that designs playgrounds and have thought of a few tools that would be very useful to us. 1. Merge Textures We have a library of products that has been built up in the company over a few years. Several different textures for wood/etc/have been created. These products are in one file, and we are now converting them to symbols. These will also all be in the same file. When I look in the resource browser, there are several of the same textures but all named differently. If I want to change the wood texture (for example) for all models, I have to change every instance of it in the resource browser. To fix this I'd have to delete all textures but one, re-apply the textures and then make sure they were all positioned correctly. Could there be a merge function? This leads me on to... 2. Randomise Texture Positioning A lot of our products are built from wood, and so we have wood panelling/beams. If I want to texture a product, I'll select all the panels and apply the texture. The problem with this is that I get horrible repeating (patterning) of the textures on adjacent beams. I then have to go through selecting each panel, and then type in random digits into the 'offset h/offset v' settings box in the Object info panel so that you are not seeing the same texture on each beam. These would really help! Or maybe I'm missing something? Thanks, Jon.


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