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  1. I am creating edit program. * object (NurbsCurve) is already existing. I want to do: 1) Get current location points. 2) Move object (NurbsCurve) point using mouse. 3) Get new location points. Sample Code: PROCEDURE EditTest; VAR {Location Point} CurrentStartPtX, CurrentStartPtY, CurrentStartPtZ : REAL; CurrentEndPtX, CurrentEndPtY, CurrentEndPtZ : REAL; NewStartPtX, NewStartPtY, NewStartPtZ : REAL; NewEndPtX, NewEndPtY, NewEndPtZ : REAL; BEGIN {Get Current Points} NurbsGetPt3D(FSActLayer, 0, 0, CurrentStartPtX, CurrentStartPtY, CurrentStartPtZ); NurbsGetPt3D(FSActLayer, 0, 1, CurrentEndPtX, CurrentEndPtY, CurrentEndPtZ); {Alert Dialog} AlrtDialog('Please Modify Object.'); ********************************************************************************* I need function that will allow the user to move the point using mouse. Do you have any suggestions for what type of FUNCTION to use? ********************************************************************************* {Get New Points} NurbsGetPt3D(FSActLayer, 0, 0, NewStartPtX, NewStartPtY, NewStartPtZ); NurbsGetPt3D(FSActLayer, 0, 1, NewEndPtX, NewEndPtY, NewEndPtZ); END; RUN(EditTest); {End of Code.} Can someone help me or is it impossible? Thanks much in advance.
  2. To Hippothamus and klinzey, I used the function FSActLayer. Then, I solved my problem already. Thanks so much for your answers.
  3. Good day, What is the best function I can use to get Mouse or User Selected object in Vectorscript? Thanks so much in advance.
  4. I got it and applied already (VS:NurbsGetPt3D). Thank you so much.
  5. Hello, What function in vectorscript do I need to get the current 3D coordinate points of a moved, revised or expanded object like a nurbs curve? Thanks in advance.
  6. I see. Thanks hippothamus. I already solved this error. I just changed my character encoding.
  7. Good day. Please help me about this. I checked my codes many times already but still I cannot find the problem. This error usually happen when I'm using $INCLUDE. This error message appear. Line #1: ybF | ( Error: Expected BEGIN) | ( Error: Expected a RUN statement at the end of the script) If I convert {$include } to a comment function , my program is running. So, I think the error is in {$include } sentence. In my code, {$INCLUDE C:\Programs\TEST\ColumnLetter.vss} I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks hippothamus. Yes, I need to make it into a code or script to be able to input the data to database. One more additional info, I need to use ODBC. But based on the function reference(ODBC) of vectorscript, I cannot connect the record field to database column. Can you please help on this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Good day. I am a first timer in using vectorscript. About dialog to database (excel); Question: How to input data from custom dialog to database(excel) and worksheet using vectorscript? Please kindly help me solve this. Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Thanks Juan P. But I already checked that article. What I don't know are: Using vectorscript, 1) How can I connect the specific database table in manage databases dialog? User:=''; Pass:=''; ConnectionResult:=DBDocAddConn('AccessName01',User,Pass); ConnectionResult:=DBSetFormatConn('RecordName01','DBName01','TableName01'); ConnectionResult:=DBDocSetColKey('DBName01','TableName01','ColumnName01',TRUE); * But still not connected 2) How can I connect the DB Table Column to the record field name? User:=''; Pass:=''; ConnectionResult:=DBDocAddConn(AccessName01,User,Pass); ConnectionResults:=DBSetFormatConn(RecordName01,DBName01,TableName01); ConnectionResult:=DBDocSetColKey(DBName01,TableName01,ColumnName01,TRUE); ConnectionResult:=DBSetFormatFieldConn(TableName01,FieldName01,linkType01,3); * But still not connected
  11. I'm newbie with this programming language. I would like to ask how I can set the object database connection using vectorscript. my external database is MS access. I can set it manually but i don't know how it will be done through script. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.


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