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  1. I am working in the theater, and Vectorworks quits when I go to print; it does not get as far as the print window. Indeed, it now quits spontaneously and without any provocation. Restarting does not solve the problem. I am away from home in-theater, and don't have my disks to reinstall or my registration code to run under OS9. I do have high speed internet access. Please advise. I am running a Powerbook G4 667, 768mb RAM, OS 10.2.2. Thanks in advance.
  2. jeff


    Thanks for the link. The tutorial was very useful, although it appears to be for an earlier version of Vectorworks/Renderworks, as the dialog boxes don't corespond.
  3. jeff


    I am trying to create a backdrop from a jpeg file. I had understood that one imported it as a texture. That doesn't seem to be working for me. Please provide step-by-step instructions for doing this. Many thanks.
  4. I've been contemplating this problem too. The best I've been able to do is create a 2d/3d symbol for the boom itself, with the 2d boom at an angle and the 3d boom straight up. Lights are inserted along the line of the 2d boom, get the Z-axis set by hand, are moved to the pipe origin to draw the beam, and then moved back, one by one. To do a 3d rendering, I drag the units on top of one another in 2d, then view in other views. It's awkward, but you get a hangable 2d plot.
  5. Does this happen when you print out, or only on screen? I had and was concerned about the problem, but in fact my plot prints out properly.
  6. Why is it that I lose the lighting position and Z height information when I rotate a unit on a pipe as I'm clicking the lighting instrument tool, and the Z height information when I rotate in the object information palette? I'm using VW Spotlight 9.5.0 in OS X.
  7. jeff


    I would agree that the inability to threefer is an annoying drawback to the program.
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