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  1. Hello everyone, we are updating some processes in our office and I have a problem we can not seem to figure out. Our Titleblock has a plan name and a plan number. They both print when we use the publish function. All fine and dandy. When we make a revision on the drawing I want it so that as the revision field is filled out it automatically adds the revision number to the plan number field. All fine and dandy because it can do that. Unfortunately the revision number is not printing when we publish to PDF. If I have 20 versions (revisions) of one drawing the revision number never prints and there could be 20 drawings with the same plan number in the hands(computers) of the contractors. At the moment we are doing it by hand, or rather, we are making a revision in the revision menu field, then going to the title block and manually changing the revision number at the end of our plan number. Is there a way to get the index or revision to 1. Update itself in the plan number when we add a revision and 2. Printable with the publish function. I hope that was clear enough! Thanks for your time. Dustin


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