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  1. When holding the shift key down to retain the value of the last fixture, the shift key is not working correctly. The number continues to increment and then the next one doesn't. Please fix.
  2. mjdld

    Sheet Layer

    Thanks Boh, That fixed it!!!
  3. mjdld

    Sheet Layer

    Help: In all my sheet layers, the ruler and units are in a 50% scale. I know that the layer scale cannot be changed and says it is 1:1, but when setting a legal size sheet of paper, an 8.5" wide x 14" long Page Setup, the ruler and units indicate 4.25" x 7". What am I doing wrong? It is infuriating...
  4. I just checked in the workspace editor and it is correct, but it is not working for me. Everything continues to snap when I get close to an object. It's a mystery... Any other ideas why it's not disabling?
  5. Is anyone else having this problem? I can't stop snapping to objects or grid by using the ( ` ) key. Seems like it may be a bug.
  6. I read through this thread and I still don't understand. How exactly can you export the X coordinate into Lightwright? I don't see XCOORDINATE as an export field.
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