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  1. Hello VW community, I would like some help in understanding how to Edit Hatches. Here is a screen grab of what I am trying to do. This is a drawing exercise for a class I am teaching in VW. For the purposes of the exercise this would be fairly easy to draw with various methods of using the parallel line tool and/ or some combination of the duplicate array tool...as you can see from the upper example. But if it were a bigger project, obviously one would want to create a custom hatch. So I am trying to teach my students how to do it, but can't seem to figure the tool out myself. Any help is much appreciated. See my attempt in the lower half of the image. Specific help on setting the dash and offset parameters would be much appreciated. Thanks, RW
  2. Hello I have a question on how to make the top of curved doors look smoother. In the viewport they are showing as very faceted, more hexagonal than round. In the Object info palette the is an option for 3D render quality and it is on "Low" but it is greyed out as though I can't change it. Any ideas on how to fix this problem. It is the properties of the object, or a more general setting in Document preferences? If I can figure out how to up load a screen shot, I will. Thanks
  3. I have a question regarding plants maybe you folks can answer. I am trying to insert a tree into a model of a set I have designed in the Architect work space. I may also dip into the Spotlight work space lighting and drapes as well. But I have a tree in my set so rather than drawing one from scratch I though I would just insert one from the Landmark work space. However I have had lots of difficulty getting things to show up the way I want, especially in the plan and elevation mode. Using Open GL in perspective, I can see the tree fine and it looks great. (though I would like to change its' color, ie: I don't want it to be green, but rather off white or cream, but that is probably another question) Why won't it show up as a simple 2D symbol in my ground plan? I have tried changing the spread and height, and it seems to effect the perspective view in open GL, but when I view in plan I either get a cross hair place holder, or noting at all! Please help if you can. Thanks, Raj
  4. OK folks something liked this happened before and then fixed itself...but this time I can't seem to figure it out. Out of the blue my screen turned a pale green. Some of the classes are hidden. When I press the B key for x-ray mode they appear, but I just want it to look normal again. The viewports look fine so it just a display issue in the design layer. But it's ever so annoying. Please help. Not even sure what I was doing at the time. I was actually trying to fix an odd problem of a few seat numbers displaying upside down in the viewport though they display fine in the design layer.
  5. Help, If I hit command z to undo a mistake, instead of just changing the last thing I did it is skipping back 5 or 6 steps and I'm loosing a ton of work. Then if I try and redo it says "no more redo history' in the bottom rt hand corner.
  6. Ok, panic over. For some reason it stopped. I went into the workspace editor and messed with the keyboard shortcuts, didn't actually change anything. Save the workspace, when I went back to my drawing I pressed the B key and the bubble went away. Thankfully.
  7. Hi VW community. So I invoked the X-ray mode with the B key for one operation, and for some reason this feature seems to be permanently locked on? How do I switch it off? It's driving me nuts, I can't draw cause it's so distracting. In my design layer he screen is a pale green and the X-ray bubble is on all the time, in sheet layers they are white, but the bubble is whiter...help!
  8. Hello Forum, So I'm working on a model of a deck addition and I have a tree in some landscaping nearby. This shows up in 3D views in Open GL but the 2D geometry isn't visible in Plan View. Also when I create a viewport of the plan it isn't there either. It's the last thing I need to do before submitting these drawings and it's driving me nut. Any help much appreciated. Raj


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