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  1. Thanks for the reply - I did not have tight fill selected, tried it on and off, didn't change. But - in organization / class, I found the "use" checkmark for the label-channel class, now I have white fill, but it doesn't fill the hexagon, just the outline of the text, so it's still a little funky, but better. Is there a way to get it to fill the entire hexagon? 

  2. opened a v2019 file in v2020, (it might have originally been drafted in v2018 or earlier)  I can't figure out how to add fill behind text in label manager for channel numbers, twofers, etc. Doesn't seem to be an option in label manager. 

  3. I'm trying to create a report - either in VW2019 or LW6 that lists minimum number of circuits per position. It seemed the "insert position summary" in VW would do this, I managed 

    to do it for a position initially, but now all I get is "a script error occured - and the error output says there's a "right bracket expected" If I can format it in a way to position on the plot, I would do it with position summary - if it were working - or a report, or a LW report. What's the best way to do this? I only have channels assigned - no dimmers - trying to save the M.E. some time

    by giving him a count for what they need for each position.

  4. 4 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

    You should be able to click and drag a selection rectangle around the object you want to select without holding a modifier key. Maybe the bounding boxes of your objects extend past the area you're defining. You can also click and drag a selection rectangle while holding down Option/Alt and VW will select all the objects inside the boundary and any object the boundary crosses.


    If it's not working correctly for you I would suggest restarting your machine and VW.




    Yeah, that's how it used to work, only works now by holding shift.


  5. I think the checkmark used to stay on - why would it not? LW exchange is on in LW, and the files are all in the same folder. Everytime I need to go back to LW, I have to

    open spotlight prefs and click that box again, and even then sometimes it doesn't update LW. Also LW then turns it's link off after a while, so have to do it

    in both apps. Sometimes I have to quit both, then open them both up again, and then LW will ask to verify what changes to accept. Very annoying and waste of time.


  6. This is a plot originally done in v2015. I did replace the source 4 par symbols from the Vectorworks ETC library. They didn't have the secondary beam angles either. I edited them in the

    lighting symbol maintenance window, selected update all lighting units. Looking at the OIW for a S4 par, the secondary beam angles still aren't reading. 

  7. I have to manually input Beam Angle 2 and Field Angle 2 in OIW for every lighting unit if I want to draw beam. I have attempted to edit these

    in the Lighting Symbol Maintenance window, updated all lighting devices, but when I go back to plot, those values are still missing

    from the units, and opening up Lighting Symbol Maintenence window - all the values I inputted are missing again. 

    What am I missing? VW2016 SP4

  8. FYI - I sent my plot to support, who returned it to me with symbols restored. Seems there was a corrupt symbol with no data. Even though the list of symbols returned - Lighting symbol maintenance now shows all the symbols in the plot - all data for each symbol is gone. I've heard this is a thing with v2016 - it deletes the data associated with the symbols. It seems 2016 wants all lighting symbol names to begin "lighting insert" and all accessories "lighting acc" I had to go thru and replace all symbols with symbols from the new 2016 library. Would have been good to have some shortcut to do this, or at least a heads up on the problem.

  9. I've been having a number of problems with 2016. Accessory insertion - finally managed to figure that out, but it seems buggy. After figuring out I had to use the new default template in the pop up window, then discovered they were assigned to their own new class. got that working, tried a find and modify to switch out all my existing templates to the new default, the symbols changed in the plot, but didn't transfer to LW5. Then the wonkiest - my inventory in VW now only shows me the 2 default templates I messed with - no lighting units or other accessories - lighting symbol maintenance -same story, only the 2 templates. LW doc still shows everything in the plot, but according to VW, the only things in the plot are 2 templates.

    How do I rectify this?

  10. Something weird going on in counting. I have some units in vector works plot that aren't counting properly in LW. I have 5 36 degree Lustr - LW only counts 1, though if I sort by type in LW, they're all there. Same for for 50 degree Lustr - 8 in the plot, only 7 in the LW count, same for the Colorsource Par LED. all conventional unit counts seem correct. In VW, if I select all the units of one type, they all have same type listed and all in same class and layer in the Object Info Window. In Vectorworks, all units count correctly. I've had counting problems before if I inadvertently duplicated something on top of itself, or put something on a hidden

    layer, but not shorting units of the same type that are all there in LW, all with same identifying info. I tried quitting, restarting, tried creating fresh LW doc, still same problem. Any Ideas?

  11. OK - I solved this one. A bunch of my symbols were rotated in the resource browser - Not sure how they got imported that way - It seems they

    should only be facing down if you open them up in label legend manager. Once I edited them all to point down, mirror tool now works correctly.

    I had to fix a bunch of label legends to the new orientation, but at least that mystery is solved.

  12. Posted this a while back and got no replies. Having an issue with Mirror tool. Using in duplicate mode, it makes a copy of the symbol, but does not flip it - it makes a copy on the other side of the centering line, but leaves it in the same orientation, so it's making a duplicate on the other side of the "mirror" but not mirroring it to point the opposite direction. same with standard mode -

    Also having a weird issue in Spotlight, when I choose a single instrument, select "replace instrument" it keeps telling me I have 2 different types of instrument selected, even though it's definitely only one, and the Obj info window also shows only one unit selected. Is there another preference somewhere for mirror tool, or is this a bug associated with Yosemite?

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