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  1. If I open a new file it will do it only if I change the callout leader type to something other than default, which sucks because I hate the default and it is not our office standard. I've done the quit/restart and system restart many times. I quit out of vector works everyday when I leave. I shut down completely every couple of weeks. Question, is there another way to draw a leader line without text other than the leader line tool? Thanks, Peter!
  2. Peter, wouldn't that also affect the callout tool leader as well? The default arrow head is set to the program default. It's never been changed in this file. Thanks!
  3. When I click the leader line tool and place it in a drawing it has no arrow head. It appears as just a line. I've run into this problem before early on a project and just copied everything into a new drawing, which seemed to work, but I am way too far into the file to do that. Can anyone help? NO matter what arrow head type I choose, nothing happens. Thanks.
  4. You would think this fairly easy within the Custom Window dialog. Perhaps the VW boys can put this in 2015. Another option that I see is to create the 3 windows separately (center window without jamb) and create a new symbol saved to your library.
  5. Has anyone had experience importing IFC format files exported from Revit? I have a large project for a university and our firm is partnered with another firm for the architectural development. We'll also be sharing models with the contractor at some point as well. Any help/guidance is always appreciated! Thanks!
  6. I have VW2008 Architect and my leader notes are funky. The leader line attaches either at the center of the text box or, when I select Top it attaches to the top of the text rather than the center of the first line. Can anyone help me out here? It's incredibly annoying. Thanks.
  7. Taoist, I tried that multiple times, multiple colors. I even tried it on other classes with no set attributes. nothing has worked. is there a way to copy the file content to a new drawing and saveas? As with auto cad? Thanks for your help.
  8. I checked the box "create text box without fill" and it changed nothing. box was previously unchecked but has never done this before.
  9. can anyone tell me why in hell my note text is filled a medium gray? no matter what I do I can't change it in any properties box or option. i've closed, restarted, the whole 9. also having an issue with my note text choosing random font sizes based on viewport scale by itself. please help. deadline today!
  10. This tool just saved my friggin life! I don't know about previous versions, but in 2013Architect you can extract a 3D face, assign a hatch and it will render in hidden line. SO stoked! J.
  11. In my case, what worked was to move the walls from the attic layer to the floor layer and fit to roof. then move walls back to attic layer and adjust top and base offsets. Vincent, manually adjusting wall tops would take forever and so far I've not been able to accurately match it with the bottom of the roof anyway. There always seem to be little gaps no matter what. J.
  12. Ok. This is weird. If I move the wall object from the Attic Layer to the Floor Layer Fit to Roof works fine. I move it back, no go. WTF?? J.
  13. That didn't work. I've actually never been able to get walls to fit to roof if they are on the roof layer.
  14. I'm having the same problem today. The tool does seem to have a bit of an attitude as this is an intermittent problem I've had since the beginning. In my current case, I have a floor plan, attic plan and roof plan. I have walls on the attic plan that I need to extend to meet the gable end in order to close the space and it simply won't work. I even deleted and recreated the walls on the attic layer and still no go. I'm ready to pull my hair our. The only thing I can think of is that the bearing of the roof and the level of the attic are the same elevation and this may be causing the hiccup. But this has never happened before and other walls have fit to roof with the same parameters. Anyone have additional thoughts? J.
  15. Peter, Barkest, thanks! It seems that is what I did wrong - Edit Mode. Will give it a shot once I finish all the other updates and let you know. Now I'm having issues with walls not fitting to the roof. I'm ready for this week to be over! J.
  16. Recreating the roof object was easy. I wasn't terribly worried about that. And I did clip the roof FACE. It converted it to a solid subtraction. First I created the roof via the create roof tool. Then I ungrouped the object into separate roof faces. then created the 2d polygon in plan view and then performed the clip surface while in edit mode. Where did I go wrong? Thanks!
  17. Peter, I gave the clip surface tool a try, but my roof face was converted to a solid subtraction and now I can not use the framing tool to create my rafters. Ideas? Or am I just doomed to build this house virtually as if it were in the real world? :-\ Cheers. J.
  18. thanks, Peter! That's what I was afraid of. I might have to hold off on that for a bit. My boss has a nasty habit of making "small changes" to this house that require major changes to the roof.... :-\
  19. I think I have it figured out. Rather than trying to use the dormer tool, which kind of sucks by the way, I created two roof profiles and a new wall on the attic plan. This way I can add whatever kind of window I want as a plug-in object rather than having to create a symbol. What I don't know how to do now is get rid of the sloped roof under the gable. I know I can do it by ungrouping the roof and clipping it out, but then I lose all control over my roof object.... Does anyone know of a way to do this? Image attached.
  20. OK, so, please see attached file. I'm hoping there are some genius VW users out there that can help me (you know who you are). What I have is a huge gable roof with three connected gable ends at the front entry. At least this is the desire. The two outside gable ends I created with the create roof tool simply by creating a shape and using the tools. The center gable currently is created with the roof face tool and the lower wall will extend up to it creating a large entry gable. I previously tried to create this middle gable with the dormer tool. It quite frankly looked like and I wasn't showing that to a client, let alone a contractor. Any thoughts? Always appreciated!! J.
  21. So, no one out there has an answer?....Can you, or can you not import BIM manufacturers models from other software? Specifically Archicad or Revit to Vectorworks? Or do I need to consult my Badger supplier? :-P Thanks. J.
  22. Any format. Revit or Archicad are the most popular ones for most manufacturers. I suppose if I got a "trial" copy of the software I could export IFC? Thoughts?
  23. Stan, I checked that out thinking it would be my saving grace. Unfortunately the only way to turn on Textures and Edges in OpenGL is to have Renderworks. Thanks for the comments though! J.
  24. So, after much searching and gnashing of teeth with some pulling of hair thrown in....I'm wondering, does anyone know how to take BIM object models that are in either Revit or Archicad format and bring them into Vectorworks? I'm not talking about IFC imports either. I'm talking about going to a product website, downloading their object models and bringing them into Vectorworks. Any ideas? As always I appreciate the help! Jeremiah
  25. Christian, the house I'm currently working on is a 4,200 square foot single story split level home on a steeply sloped site with multiple terraces, a pool and retaining wall planters. It's probably the best and worst project to start out with in Vectorworks BIM, but here we are. I haven't run into the 3D hatch tool/command yet. I'll look that one up and see what's what. I have another project that is a simple detached garage with home office above that may be perfect for that type of tool. We have another 4k sf house coming up that will be a classical design, so working out these kinds of kinks now is really crucial. Thanks for all your help, guys! Cheers. Jeremiah
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