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  1. As a PS ... the advantage of going into Spotlight 8.51 is that one can take a copy of the USITT symbols which have dissappeared from ver 9.01 so even though they are not pretty there is a simple version available of any generic light.
  2. Thanks did this and found the symbols you were describing, it is not quite what I was after (its been drawn based on the 1980s Axial 6x9 not the 1960 / 70s base up version) but it is a useful addition to the resouces available. I ran into a bit of a problem ... once I had resaved it as VW 9 format and was about to insert the symbol had a dialogue that came up " A record format named 'Light Info Record' already exists in the current document. Even when I chose another name it would not accept the file, if I canceled out I ended up with a rectangular box. So I went to the copy of 8.5 Spotlight I have and again installed in on another machine, it has the same symbols under the Strand section ... these import ok and seem to have more detail in 3D. Oh well back to the drawing board to just modify what I have to differentiate them.
  3. Maybe I should call these obsolete lights but I am sure I am not the only person using old century 6 x 9s or strand century lekolites. Are there any public domain libraries of symbols with all the 3d data and attributes available on the web or via nemeschek?
  4. Thanks Kevin .... its a little fiddly and you need to select the position then watch for the cursor by the lable to change to the sloping arrows, then select and move. In order to keep everything neat I drew a couple of lines and hatches for all the positions to snap to then after deleted the lines. Maybe next version it could recognise pipes which run up / down stage so that it places the lable at the top rather than midstage (or there is an option to do this). Paul
  5. Found the nudge! no control and comma any more! shift and arrow. have read the manual about the positions though
  6. Hi all Just learning 9 after using 8.5 for a while ... setting up drawings with positions etc., is it posible to relocate the position lables from the choice of 3 defaults - in my case I have a studio theatre with a grid so the centre position for the vertical pipes does not work. It does not like you to try to edit the object box after its created ... Also has the nudge tool gone in version 9? - it was so useful for moving things a little. Maybe I am missing something. Thanks Paul
  7. Hi, I have a solution which may make plots more readable anyway. I have been placing small ticks on my plots at 18" centres for while (arranying them from the centre line). With snap to object switched on the blocks should snap to those ticks and positions, any which are not covered by the instruments indicate to the ME how many spaces to leave on the pipe before the next instrument. Hope this helps Paul.
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