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  1. Is VW2015 compatible with high DPI displays on Windows? In other words, will toolbar icons and palettes display with system scaling preferences?
  2. Turning OFF GDI+ imaging in Tools->Options->Vectorworks Settings->[Display]Tab allowed my T120 to plot the whole page instead of just half. I got this workaround from someone at Nemetschek. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use any layer transparency. I've had this problem in VW2013 and VW2014. -Henry
  3. Is it possible to add a custom "focus point shape" to the "focus point" tool so that it is available in the drop down every time I use it? thanks, -Henry
  4. Have you installed either the "YouSendIt" application -or- the Microsoft Office 2013 preview? Installing those applications would cause Vectorworks to be unable to launch for me. After removing those apps, Vectorworks would come back to life. (Edit- in original reply, I said "DropBox" app, but the problem I had was actually with the "YouSendIt" app. Sorry for any confusion.) -H
  5. I have seen this problem as well on 2 different Win 7 64bit machines. Install disables both Vectorworks 2010 & Vectorworks 2012. Removing the Office Preview restores Vectorworks ability to launch. This problem also exists after installing the YouSendIt application. Again, removing the application allows Vectorworks to launch. -H
  6. It would be nice to include the Issue Manager in all versions of VW. Not exactly sure why this "feature" is limited to Architect and Landmark- it's not like other design disciplines don't issue drawing sets. -h
  7. I have this problem as well with SP3 and most of my symbols are 2D only. Kevin, can we expect a patch quickly on this issue or is it best to go back to SP2?
  8. Now that VW2008 has all of these great rotation and orientation features, it would be useful to set the zero angle of the drawing, or the "this side up" angle. The zero angle affects how callouts are drawn, when to "flip text", and also label legends in VW Spotlight. -h
  9. After setting a new origin, it would be great to be able to save that user defined origin inside of a "Saved View". We can save pretty much everything else, including orientation/rotation in VW2008. -h
  10. Just upgraded VW 2008 to SP2- still have the same problem. Using WINDOW->TILE, CASCADE or USE FULL SCREEN works fine, but can't change active documents using the WINDOW menu. I normally run 2 screens- changing to single monitor had the same behavior. Any insight from NNA on this issue? -h
  11. I also have this same issue with 12.5.3 running under XP Professional SP2. I'm pretty sure this started for me back in 12.0 and continued through all of the upgrades. -h
  12. I agree with Rick that the workflow for importing into data into Vectorworks is needlessly complicated. At a minimum, one should be able to set the default MAPPING file as a preference and ONLY change it when necessary. In addition, the name of the data file itself should be persistent- at least within a session. -haich
  13. How does one uninstall VW2008. I cannot find an entry in the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS Control Panel Applet nor in the Vectorworks subfolder on the Start Menu. This goes for my XP Pro desktop as well as my Vista Laptop. Thanks, haich
  14. khelvig- I have experienced unmovable label legends before. As you described, it seemed to be only certain fixtures on the plot. I was under a deadline at the time, so I just worked around the problem. Problem was experienced with VW 12.5.x under XP Pro. I just opened that file with VW 2008 and the problem still exists, so it appears to track with the file. I would be happy to submit the file to NNA if it would help. -haich
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