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  1. I have created a model of a simple building in Architect 2014 using storey heights and have annotated the section viewport with some key dimensions and elevation levels however if I adjust a storey height the levels/dims etc don't adust with it? Is it possible to to constain these so that they do automatically adjust?
  2. Hi, I'm am playing around with the window insertion tool and was wondering if there was a way of changing the glazing thickness to represent a double glazed unit? At the moment it only shows a thickness of 1.27mm.
  3. Hi Patrick, Thanks for your comments. I actually found to control points to adjust the reveal linings. There was a node point on the opposite window reveal to the one I was looking at. I just wish the manual made this more clear! Thanks David
  4. A general query re window re the Interior Wall Detail setting for window tools. I have set it for 1 component (the plaster) to wrap around the reveal but it seems to embed itself into the inner wall leaf component (in green on image). Ideally I would like the component to follow the line that I have indicated in red, or at the very least have it's back face aligned with the face of the 'structural' reveal. Is there any way of doing this? The help guide seems to suggest that there are a couple of control points but I can't see how to adjust these.
  5. Is this normal? I have been playing around in 3D with walls and roofs. When I use the ?fit walls to object? tool the gable wall clips nicely to the underside of the roof slope but the wall to the eaves clips horizontally at its intersection with the roof?
  6. I have a dead basic question here. Is there any way forcibly snapping to a certain point on an object without going to that specific point? Say I have multiple circles drawn of varying diameters but all of the centre points are very close together but not at the same point, can I highlight a particular circle and press a key to snap to its centre rather than zooming in?
  7. I posted a similar thread in March last year but didn't get any response. I had hoped that the problem would have resolved itself when I upgraded to 2014 but it didn't. I have also loaded the latest graphics driver on to my machine (to resolve another issue) but it still hasn't fixed this problem.
  8. Further to my original thread, I've found a work around to keep the walls as wall elements rather than turning them into solid extractions. I inserted the door into the lower wall element and then inserted a window opening of the same size in the top wall element which effectively gives me a cutout for the door frame to show through. PS. Thanks for your email taoist, really informative.
  9. I am drawing up a garage which is a timber frame structure that sits on a brick plinth that rises up to 450mm above floor level. How do I insert a door opening that will trim both wall types? At the moment the door will just trim the plinth wall?
  10. Thanks for that. I found a video on youtube that showed a similar arrangement using roof faces which seems to work.
  11. I'm hoping there is an easy answer to this. Attached is a simple 2D roof plan which I would like to do with the Create Roof Tool. I would like to align each roof via its ridge height rather than the eaves height. Is this possible with this tool or do I need to create individual roof faces and align them manually or perhaps a mixture of the two? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I think I've solved the problem. V2014 graphic's processor wasn't defaulting to the the "high performance" card but to "integrated". Now that I have changed the default I no longer get the big orange blob. Just checked back on V2013 and this was set to default to the high performance graphics card.
  13. Jim, I have emailed the diagnostic report as requested.
  14. Hi Jim, Currently using Architect workspace although the problem still occurs in Fundamentals. I have not migrated any settings from my previous version.
  15. Is anybody experiencing this or am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I have loaded up V2014. This seems to be running fairly smoothly apart from one basic issue, object selection. Selecting multiple single elements is OK but when I select a group or symbol object I get a solid box? As far as I know the preferences are exactly the same to those on V2013 which was working fine. Any suggestions?
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