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  1. Yes I have been having the same problem, sometimes the snap works & constraining to an X or Y axis while holding the shift key down works, they work intermittently. I also have no sound with the eye dropper tool, but have all other sounds. This tells me there is a bug somewhere. I've done a complete removal & reinstall from the downloaded software, but thinking I may try it again & reinstalling with the software CD disk to see if I get any difference. Its a very aggravating problem
  2. Are any of you using NVIDIA Quadro 6000 by PNY video card? I'm looking to see how this graphics cards works with the program. I currently have the Quadro 4000 by PNY & with complex 3D rendered models I keep stalling my computer & am looking to improve performance. I'm looking for replies from PC users, not VW techs Thanks!
  3. I also found a good subway tile in SketchUp thats 3d & was able to import it converted the tile to 3D polys & was able to edit a tile as needed, looks great, but am sure I increased the file size a bit, was not able to then convert the section of the tile to generic solids to reduce file size.
  4. No I was just looking for a basic white subway tile with white grout. Was going to make some if they was not any already made. Thanks for the info on this site. I did not realize we could import other textures into VW.
  5. Thanks, you have been very helpful ! I will wait until then.
  6. with all of the RenderWorks textures I have downloaded, all that's available, there is no subway tile. I need to find out how to make these textures I guess
  7. Thanks Jim, I guess what I'm looking for is which will give me more VW power, more powerful cpu chip, memory, or video card. I now have the money to upgrade & am looking to see which would be best. Thanks attached is the Direct X diagnostic report
  8. I'm working on a small 13'-6" X 14'-6" kitchen project in 3D. I have built my existing cabinets & counter top, & then with classes made new cabinet doors & some new cabinets, existing & new moldings/trim, walls, windows, doors, ceiling, & light. I have one sheet layer showing perspective view of the existing with no materials yet, everything white. I also have two saved views of new perspectives with fast renderworks turned on. Now my file size is 46,428 KB. And this is with converting most components to generic solids to reduce file size. Now with where I am with this file, before adding RenderWorks finishes, the file is so large its really slowing down my computer, I keep getting VW not responding & all of the menu bars turning white. I'm told with the way my computer is built it should push VW Arch & RenderWorks with no problem. I have the money now to invest in a better graphic card, maybe doubling the power of my video card, but would like to know is this the best way to speed up VW & RW work flow. Thanks for any advice! Attached are JPEGS of what I'm working on
  9. For VW Architect, on the Extrude Along Path. I'm fighting it in trying to add trim/moldings to my kitchen drawing, from base boards, base shoe molding, door casing & back bands. I have the molding profile as a Polyline. The difficulty I'm having is in plan view, what position should the molding profile be in to follow the polyline with out having to always edit the profile, which is confusing. I usually have to reposition it multiple time to get it in the correct position in the 3D modle. In plan view should I turn the molding polyline perpendicular to the path line? In other words doing this in a perspective view is the better way to do it so the molding profile is positioned perpendicular to the path with the correct point of the molding touching the beginning of the path line? Thanks
  10. Just to let you know, the last egg printed out good except for close to the top of the egg, the printer for some reason makes the shell very thin, thinner than the thickness of the shell I made. This has happened to all versions no matter which director the egg is printed. This I believe is a 3D printer setting &/or the software that runs the printer. But the curved shape of the egg did come out much better. This last version that was printed (1/32" thk.), which now electrics says is to thin, so they are using the previous version & correct any seams, patchwork, etc. in post visual effects. Thanks again for your help & advise on this. I feel much more knowledgeable for the next 3D printer project they request. I'm happy to be able to do this egg in VW, because everybody else here in the "Under The Dome" productions art department uses SketchUp & knew they could not do this as well as VW does. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks Jim & Kevin for this info, its been very helpful! I am trying the various recommendations & will try 3D printing the new versions. Once we have a correct egg out of the 3D printer I will post back to let you know which worked best for us. Thanks again !
  12. no problems Jim, the stl file is to large to send. So I'm trying converting the shell object to a generic solid & re-exported it to a stl file. I noticed the file size stayed the same, not that it should or should not. Once the existing egg half that is being printed we will try the new generic solid version. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info Jim, attached is the STL file of the egg half that did not print out of the 3D printer well. With this new info I will try making the shell object a generic solid & will thy the other suggestions.
  14. I've made an egg in VW as a solid object, starting from circles stacked on top of each other & then converted each to nurbs, then used the loft surface tool & made a solid object. Then I needed to cut the egg in half to make a shell of each half so a light can be installed inside the egg shell. I have found out the split tool on the solid whole egg will only split the egg horizontally, when I try vertically at the center line, it does not split the egg, when I go horizontally it works fine. Then I use the shell tool & select max polys for an inside shell, it works great. I can see the shell of the egg in both halfs. Then I export to a STL file ASCII type with max polys. When used in the 3D printer, the results are not the same thru the entire printing of the egg. The owner of this 3D printer is saying I need a better 3D software that VW is not the best software for doing 3D printing. Just looking for a VW users advise on this matter. Thanks
  15. Thanks for your help Jim! Attached is the latest file that I am practicing with 3d solid objects. I have just noticed that in OpenGL I can apply a texture with out stalling VW. But when I select Fast RenderWorks, it stalls my computer, all of the pallets turn white, then when everything comes back I still have no control, when double clicking on a tool, the pallets go white again & VW says Not Responding. If this is the software not working correctly, I understand, but if it is my computer not powerful enough, I would upgrade my video card.
  16. Would having the software on a solid state drive & the drawing file on a regular hard drive have something to do with performance ? I'm willing to upgrad to a new bigger NVIDIA Quadro graphics card if thats what I need to keep the program from locking up, unless its the program not working correctly. Any suggestions?
  17. A correction to my computer info, my video card is a PNY Quadro 4000, now trying to figure out if this one is better or not than the NVIDIA Quadro 4000. Thanks
  18. I tried to install the driver you suggested but it will not let me install it because it says I have the current. Go figure
  19. I currently have the driver version dated 10-23-13 & when I let the computer search for an update its says I have the current one, but your link seems like a different driver all together. I may need to try this one & see if its any better. Thanks for the info!
  20. I thought I had a good video card, I researched all of the recommended & min requirements before purchasing this one I have. But now with 2014 VW Arch & RenderWorks, everytime I apply any texture to a file with a single 3d object it really slows down my computer &/or puts it in a stall & sometimes locks it up & have to force close the program. I now have the money to upgrade if I need to & if I do I want to max the card out in every way I can that helps VW from stalling. Thanks for any advice!
  21. Look out to all, my new version of VW Architect with RenderWorks 2014 has major crashing problems. The crashing is often, sometime twice in one day. The worst part is loosing work already saved & having to redraw what you already did. Yes I use auto save every 30 min., but what I save in-between I loose after a crash, even though I save often. Also, not working; - that shows signs of problems with the program is the eye dropper tool does not make any sounds, but everything else does. - when holding the Shift key when drawing a line or moving objects does not hold to any preset angle or hold the x or y axis. This works sometimes & sometimes not - the entourage figures image symbols - gray are not visible, but can select & see the grab handles & see it in the object info box. Looking for a fix to these problems, I use this program for 50 + hours a week at a fast paced job. Thinking about going back to VW 2013 because it was more stable
  22. the same as before, only half of the drawing, no difference
  23. Yes, it prints the 24"x36" drawing converted to PDF completely. It also can print a 24"x36" page from Microsoft Publisher completely. Attached is the screen shot of the page set up screen & another one of the printer set up Thanks for any help
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