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  1. Has there been a fix for this as of yet? I've recently been experiencing this once or twice an hour recently and it is really effecting my workflow. I hadn't been experiencing this issue back when the previous threads were posted. It has started within the last month and a half for me. I'm experiencing the exact same issue as AlHanson posted almost a year ago. Thanks!
  2. While updating the plot for my venue (we received new pipe for some of our lighting positions) I have run into an issue where it seems as though my original "1st Electric" has not been fully deleted prior to drawing the new lighting pipe. My steps are as follows: •Select and delete original 1st Electric position •Use the Lighting Pipe Tool to draw and customize the new pipe •Convert that pipe to a lighting position •Once finished, the lighting pipe name automatically repopulates to "1st Electric-1" I am assuming I have a rogue instance of my original "1st Electric" somewhere. However, I've turned all of my layers/classes on to see if I could find another instance of "1st Electric" anywhere on my plot with no luck. Is there something such as a position database somewhere to check to see if there is indeed another instance floating around somewhere, or am I going about this in the completely wrong way?! Any help, as always, is much appreciated!
  3. Is the handrail tool not part of Vectorworks Spotlight? If not (that's disappointing) how do you all create handrails when modeling your catwalk areas of your theatre spaces? Is duplicate array the best way to achieve this?
  4. It seems as though my unit numbers for my lighting fixtures are not updating when given the "refresh instruments" command. I have to go into each position and turn off, then back on, auto numbering. Is there a setting or something I'm missing here?
  5. Kevin, Thank you, that was an easy fix. Do the fixtures in the Key to Instrumentation not follow the same coloring rules? If not, is there a way to color fill them as well?
  6. I am having difficulty using the Modify Lighting Device Color under Spotlight Preferences. When I tune the setting to be what I am looking for, it correctly fills 75% of my fixtures. However, there are some that are completely left out, even though it worked for the same symbol elsewhere on the plot. Also, fixtures that are on a separate design layer don't seem to be effected by the settings at all. I attached an image of what I'm experiencing. Anyone else have similar issues, or am I doing something incorrectly. Thanks!
  7. While that is a workaround to get the text to fit in the box, that's not a desired solution. When when it is time to print the plot, the text in the Position Summary becomes hard to read with it small enough to fit in the box. There is a descent amount of wasted space that could be utilized. Is there no way to change the position of the text fields of the Position Summary?
  8. Is there a way to change the color of the Position Summary box when "Use layer colors" is checked? Also, can you change the position of the text boxes in the Position Summary? Some of my text is being chopped off. (see image)
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