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  1. I've noticed that if I've drawn a unit in Spotlight and Move it (for instance), if I Undo that action, the unit will suddenly display all of the attached info to it. Like it is in the Label Legend screen. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm not using the automated feature, and I never needed to in the past. Even when I select only the fields that I'm using. I am making sure to include the External id and Ligtwright id. I am exporting a header row, and am filing blanks with a "-". Josh
  3. Its still doing it. In the "Instrument Data Import" window, I select the file by browsing for it but the drop down menu that allows you to pick out the Unique ID Field isn't letting me select it to drop down. Josh
  4. I've done this countless times but now I'm getting an error message when I try to import info from Lightwright to Spotlight (LW version 4.08, VW version 10.5.0) The message I get is Error: _541 _542 - Index outside array limits. Any Thoughts? Josh
  5. Thank you all so much for your varied suggestions. I ended up making a disc that had no depth to it and giving it a chrome texture to make it reflective. I then placed a spotlight above the disc and made the beam of light 2" across, the same as the disc. It turned out okay.
  6. No, I hadn't thought of that. Though that means punching hundreds of holes in the building. The L.E.D.s are on 8" centers, so thats going to be lots of holes. But I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  7. Josh Schulman


    I'm working on a project that involves many L.E.D. light sources. The goal of the rendering is to highlight the L.E.D. sources. Is there any way to create light objects in Vectorworks 10.5 that will let me do this? I have Renderworks installed as well. The closest that I've gotten is to make a very small disc (2"), make it a mirrored surface, and point a very small spot light at it. This becomes a real pain to do as the lights need to follow the contours of the building. Any thoughts? Thanks, Josh.
  8. I figured out the mapping issue. I was trying to import too much data from LW to VW. Thanks for the help.
  9. The Unique ID Field is greyed out, I can't click on it.
  10. I'm having trouble moving my data from LW4 to VW 10.5. I am creating the data file to export from LW and when I open VW and browse to find the file, I am unable to select the drop down menu that allows me to tell VW to look for the external ID to match the incoming data, any thoughts?
  11. Where would I find the list of gobo's available to 10.5? I have only very recently moved to 10.5 from 9.5. I knew where to find the pdf in the old version, but now I am at a total loss. Is there such a thing anymore? Thanks joshuaschulman@mac.com
  12. The problem with doing this is that you end up with a very complex drawing with many lines. I Know that you can import a dfx symbol into Vectorworks but often what you end up with is something that is very dirty looking. If Vectorworks were to periodically update their symbols, it would be very helpful. I realize that ofter times you need to wait for information to come to ffrom the manufacturer but with the pace of developments in light design, I am surprised that no updates are released. I did not even notice an update to the library between version 9.5.3 and 10. So back to my original question, is Vectorworks going to release updated libraries for lighting instruments? Josh
  13. Is Vectorworks going to release updated libraries for lighting instruments? I think that it would really be helpful if you all did. For instance, I need to find and/or make a 3d/2d hybrid for a VL 1000. Many lighting instruments are released all the time by the various manufacturers. Is any effort being made to make sure that the libraries that come with Vectorworks are also updated? Thanks
  14. I'm in the process of using it right now. The problem is that they are all .dfx files. So conversion into a cleam looking symbol is tricky and time consuming.
  15. Never Mind, I found the file. But it was buried very deep. Josh
  16. What colors cna Spotlight Render? Is there a list of the color libraries available? I am using 9.5.3 and have Renderworks installed. Josh
  17. I could print the file fine from 10.2.2 but I got a new computer and it came preloaded with 10.2.3. There is no way that I know of to reverse update down to 10.2.2. Josh Schulman
  18. I am running OS 10.2.3 on a 12" PowerBook G4 and I cannot plot to the plotter in my building (an Oce TDS400 PS). I used to have an IBook running OS 10.2.2 and could print fine. I used connect to the plotter via my LPR port in PrintCenter. My computer tries to connect and eventually stops trying to send the file. Any thoughts? Josh Schulman
  19. I just "upgraded" my computer from 9.2 to 10.2 and when I did so Vectorworks lost the fact that I also have Renderworks installed on it. If this is any help Vectorworks also asked me for my registration number (which I gave it) and has lost all of my old preferences, like customized tools. Any thoughts? Josh.
  20. I am trying to make a stage floor with a 3? rake to it. When I build the object in 2-d mode (it is a little complex with a large curved apron) and extrude it, the texture that I appply to it appears on the extruded side, not on the top. Any thoughts? Joshua L. Schulman
  21. How do you center a gobo in the light? I can get the gobo into the light but it is off center and I get 4 of them. They seem to be centering in the beam but I get 4 quarter gobos. Any thoughts?
  22. Is there any way to quicken the process of scrolling in spotlight? I've got a 300 unit plot on my mac (with a 500 megahertz G3 & 576 MB of ram) and it makes my computer run very slow. It has crashed on me a couple of times and is almost impossible to view with the light info turned on. I need to see the light info so I can check it before I plot it. I am also having a huge problem trying to take the plot off of my computer and put it onto a PC. We both have all of the same fonts (including Archie that we downloaded from your website) but it takes alll of the text inj the plot not attached to a unit (like the title block info and notes) and it shifts all of it in what appears to be larger spacing. It also keeps changing the font sizes so everytime that we take the plot from my Mac to the PC we have to re-edit all of the text. Do you have any solutions to these problems? I really like Spotlight in theory but in practice it runs so slow that it is almost unusable. I'm also having a problem with the lable ledgend manager displacing some of my unit info strangely. I have a few units that are at 45? angles on the plot and the lables keep shifting weird. I've tried using modified lable ledgends for them but it looks like it is failing to recognize the fact that the units have been rotated. Thanks.
  23. Is there no boom base symbol in Spotlight? I thought that I had seen one there before. I might be mistaken. Also, how would you go about creating a verticle truss instead of a horizontal truss? Thanks
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