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  1. BCD: Changing the navigation graphics from Best Performance to Best Compatibility worked. Thanks.
  2. The graphics is Intel (R) GRAPHICS 530. My computer is a DELL OPTIPLEX 3040
  3. I will check with the IT people. They will be in the office tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Here is photo of example. The dark blue flashes to the normal white background. Note that old drawings brought into 2019 do not do this.
  5. I just downloaded Landmark 2019 onto my Dell (Windows 10 Pro 2.6 GHz 64 bit) When I create a new drawing and add lines or shapes and use the pan tool to move around, the screen begins to flash with sort of a negative image of the drawing. The grid lines are surrounded by light strips and the area between the grids is dark. I am just starting to play with 2019 but I have never seen anything like this. I have been using 2016 and have Service Select. Did not like 2017 and never downloaded 2018. Is there a compatibility issue with my operating system?
  6. Thank you for the help. Unfortunately I lost the original DXF information due to loss of a disc (my bad!). But i forwarded the information to the person who is running the Autocad end of this. thanks, Don
  7. I have attached a vectorworks drawing of a portion of the points. they were imported into Vectorworks as a dxf file. I have also attached the DWG that was exported from this information and a screen shot of the settings used for the export to dwg. DWG settings.pdf autumn park partial points.dwg autumn park partial points.vwx
  8. I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2017 and need to export my drawing with point data to a AutoCADD user. I have tried and the autocadd user says there is no coordinate data? How can I send it such that there are coordinates associated with the points. Is there any way to convert points back to an ASCII File?
  9. I keep forgetting it is the numeric keyboard you have to use when using Alt function. Thanks.
  10. I am using Landmark 2017 on a windows machine. How do I create a degree symbol for using in text?
  11. I am using Landmark 2013 on a windows machine (windows 7). I am on a network and am connected to several printers. There is one file I created using 2011 and this spring converted to 2013. When I go to print that file I get a "no printers loaded" error message. It tells me to go to the start menu and reload printers. When I open any other files after that, I get the same message. If I close out vectorworks and reopen I am fine until I try to print that one file. Anyone have this happen.
  12. I have set the opacity of the layer I am woking in to the level I want and then import the plans
  13. thanks, I got it to work by setting the opacity of the layer I was placing plants in.
  14. Using Landmark 2013 on a Dell computer. I click on a plant, go into 2D Graphics, change the opacity from 100 to some other number. Click exit edit and the plant is much larger but the opacity is still 100%. In fact if I go into 2d edit and make no changes ar all and then exit plant edit, the plant still is much larger than when I entered plant edit. Any answers as to why that is happening?
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