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  1. Come on VW - I'm used to paying you to Beta Test your Software, but do I really pay to you to beta test your online surveys too? Whilst we are at it, why isn't there a link to release notes on the downloads page? Do really respect us so little that you feel release notes might be too complex? A google for release notes reveals nothing beyond SP4 for 2017. You might not think that the money us freelancers pay you a year is enough, but I can assure you that we feel it's worth more than the service level we seem to receive.
  2. Inclined to agree. Mirroring and arraying is a several times a day sort of requirement with most Lighting Designs...
  3. Nailed it! Thanks Mark I'm sure in some way they make life easier. Perhaps a modification to how they are implemented. It seems that the drawing wasn't updating the locations as I initially thought, but had assigned all of the fixtures in the drawing to the last truss added. Curious. Many thanks - They've gone away for now at least Smiffy
  4. Hi Guys: So, Spotlight 2018, clean install, nothing merged with 2017 (also installed). Macbook Pro 2015. I've created some trusses with some symbols of Tyler GT Truss, grouped them, and then converted to Lighting Positions using Geometry. Whenever I mirror a lighting symbol, I'm getting some additional lines appear as a part of the Trusses. I can't edit the 3D of the Truss to get rid of them, and if I select the lines and delete, the trusses disappear too. If I delete the Truss, and then mirror over the opposite truss, and rename it as the deleted truss, the Lines disappear, and the fixtures remain in the correct 'Position' I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this, is it a Bug, or have I screwed something up? Perhaps the grouping of the truss symbols prior to creating the hanging position is causing some confusion? Many thanks Smiffy
  5. Pat: You are a STAR! Many thanks. TextEdit on the macbook was creating RTF files, forcing it to output plain text was indeed the answer I was looking for. Many, many thanks! Smiffy
  6. Thanks guys: That script looks like it might do the trick, but returns many errors when run as a .VS file. Unfortunately i'm not very au fait with scripting so not sure what is required to fix it. I'll paste it here for reference nevertheless and in case anyone can see what might be required to fix it or indeed suggest what i'm doing wrong. PROCEDURE FindRenameClasses; { Modded by Andrew Chau based on Renameclasses by ? Petri Sakkinen 1997 - 2009 } VAR className, newName, cs1, cs2 {cs1 is the trigger or to be replaced, cs2 is the replacement} : STRING; i, j, n : INTEGER; BEGIN cs1:=StrDialog(Concat('Find text string in class name to rename...',Chr(13),Chr(13),'Find:'), 'S_'); IF NOT DidCancel THEN cs2:=StrDialog(Concat('Rename text string in class name...',Chr(13),Chr(13),'Replace:'),'X_S-'); j := LEN(cs1); FOR i := 3 TO CLASSNUM DO BEGIN className := CLASSLIST(i); n := POS(cs1, className); IF (n=1) THEN BEGIN newName := className; DELETE(newName, 1, j); RENAMECLASS(className, CONCAT(cs2, newName)); END; END; END; RUN(FindRenameClasses); In this instance I saved it as a text file on the desktop and changed the file extension to .vs so the file is now called FindRenameClasses.vs and then within VW Spotlight 2017 using the Tools > Plugins > Run Script command, found the file and hit okay. It then stops with an error.
  7. Hi Guys: I've had a google and a search of the site but nothing has turned up. Probably using the wrong terms for the search, but anyway... I have a Symbol Library that I have created over the years, where the classes are labelled something along these lines EOB - LX - Overhead - Source 4 26 There are a good few hundred symbols in there, and I'm wondering if there is a quick way to change the class names from EOB - LX etc to say IGN - LX or something without having to modify each class name individually. Many thanks Smiffy
  8. Likewise. Somewhat annoying as it's one of my more often used tools!
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