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  1. Ok. I found SetSymbolOptionsN to set some options for the wall breaks. But how can I set the offset (like for a door or window)?
  2. Hello, I'd like to make a custom VS PIO to insert in walls and I'm wondering if there is a way to access the following options: - insertion point (middle axis, left edge or right edge) - offset in relation to insertion point Greetings VvierA
  3. Ok. Great. Thank you. I did this (2 loops, array of handles) and now it works.
  4. I followed all the tips and everything works fine, except... the script converts ONLY the first selected object. Strange enough because if I replace the line newobjH := CreateCustomObjectPath('custom2dpathobject', objectH, nil); by SetPenFore(objectH,45); the script converts every selected object to a red pen color. So it works with a simple change of the pen color but it does not work to convert all selected objects to my custom 2d path object. Does anybody have a hint? VvierA -------------- PROCEDURE converter; VAR objectH, newobjH :HANDLE; BEGIN objectH := FSActLayer; WHILE (objectH <> NIL) DO BEGIN message((GetType(objectH))); IF (GetType(objectH) = 3) OR (GetType(objectH) = 4) OR (GetType(objectH) = 5) OR (GetType(objectH) = 6) OR (GetType(objectH) = 21) THEN BEGIN newobjH := CreateCustomObjectPath('custom2dpathobject', objectH, nil); END; objectH := NextSObj(objectH); END; END; run(converter);
  5. Thank you. I will try that. Do you have a hint how to 'add the custom object to the list of objects though the Vectorscript editor'? I can't find it... VvierA
  6. I mean a Vectorscript 2d path object as a plugin. It's a kind of custom made space tool and it works so far. But it would be great to have the option to use the method 'inner boundaries' (i.e paint bucket) to generate the polygon instead of drawing it point by point. VvierA
  7. Nobody seems to know the answer? Maybe a more general one: Is it generally possible to program mode options with Vectorscript? The mode options that can be changed with the u, i, o keys. VvierA
  8. Hello, does anybody know, if it is possible in Vectorscript to use the method 'inner boundaries (or outer)' in custom 2D path objects? VvierA
  9. Hello Raymond, thank you. That's it, the loop works now. Maybe another idea about how to convert something into a custom 2d path PIO? VvierA
  10. @DWorks Thank you I didn't find the command yet. Do you happen to know the french or german name? Maybe I can find it this way or maybe some other forum member can identify it?
  11. Hello, again a question for the great members of this forum. I already mentioned, that I managed to program a custom space tool. It's a custom 2d path object with an 'integrated' symbol. Now I was wondering, if it's possible to convert existing polygons or polylines or rectangles to my custom space tool. But can't figure out how to do that. It should work like this: Select objects, and call the new 'convert tool'. I tried something like this: BEGIN h:=FSActLayer; WHILE (h <> NIL) DO BEGIN {at this place follows the code that I used to generate the custom space tool} END; h:=NextSObj(h); END; And I tried this code as a Menu command and as a Tool and I entered all the parameters that are needed. But it doesn't work. Problem Nr. 1 If I use the code as a menu command, I do not now how to access or enter the parameters on runtime. Problem Nr. 2 The code does not generate PIOs. It generates separated symbols and polylines. Problem Nr. 3 The code does not stop. It generates thousands of polylines and symbols of the selected object. Maybe anyone has an idea for a better approach? Maybe there is a sample script for converting selected objects in PIOs? Thank you VvierA
  12. Hello, we are using Vectorworks Fundamentals and have the following problem: We'd like to use 'walls' to draw walls in floor plans and to automatically generate lists with the area of the walls. This works great. But when we export the files as dwg or dxf for other experts we'd like to export 'clean' line drawings without the 3d parts of the walls. Is there a way to do that in Vectorworks Fundamentals? Thanks for Tipps VvierA
  13. Hello, with the fantastic help of the members of this forum I managed to program a custom made space tool for my special needs. Now I am wondering, if there is a way to do the following... Is it possible to check, if an element (for example the symbol of a table) is sitting on top of my space polygon? If so - I could automatically list the symbols with the information in which room the table is located. Any ideas? Kind regards VvierA
  14. Hello, I'm still looking for a way to scale a symbol via Vectorscript. I found that it is possible to scale symbols with the Object Info Palette. But how can I access these settings via Vectorscript? None of the 'scale' functions of Vectorworks worked yet. Thanks for help VvierA
  15. Hello, I use Num2Str(2,realvalue) to convert a real to a string and round it with two decimals. The problem is: if realvalue is already a whole number - let's say 56 - the result is 56 as a string. But I want it to be 56.00. Can anybody help? VvierA
  16. Thank you. I tried HScale2D but it doesn't scale the symbol. Maybe symbols could not be scaled yet (VW2012).
  17. Cool, thank your for that hint. I used GetClass and SetClass to get the Class of the PIO and assign it to the polyline. May I ask another thing? I try to scale the symbol that is placed together with the polyline as a part of the custom PIO. I tried ScaleObjectN but it needs a constant (?) named 'const WorldPt&' as scale center. I do not know what that is? How can I define the scale center with just one value? http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=VCOM:VectorWorks:ISDK::ScaleObjectN VvierA
  18. Hello, I made a custom 2d path object tool to generate special 2d polygons. It works great and I can use the tool to generate the polygons. The problem is: If I try to change the class of the PIO afterwards the polygon does not adopt the graphic attributes (line color, line weight etc.) of the new class. Do you have any hints? Thank you, VvierA P.S. I generate the polygon by using the 2d path tool and with 'CreateDuplicateObject'.
  19. Hi Matt, thank you very much. Looks promising. I'll try that. VVierA
  20. Hello again, this forum is really great. I hope I may ask another question. I made a 2d path plugin object with an embedded symbol. Now I try to generate control points for the 4 corners of the symbol. The symbol varies in size so I thought I have to retrieve the width and height of the symbol via Vectorscript. I tried: widthVAR := width(S=symbolnameSTR) but it doesn't work. Maybe there is another way to retrieve (calculate) the x/y coordinates of the corners of the bounding box of the embedded symbol? Or maybe there is an even more simple way to place control points in the corners of an embedded symbol? Thank you for tips and hints, VvierA
  21. I succeeded to register and login to the mailing server but it says 'There are no public lists on this server.' if I try to list 'All Lists'.
  22. @Kevin Great - the code works very well (although I do not understand the meaning yet). Maybe you can help with another (related) question...: Together with my 2d path I place a symbol. Is there a way to evoke an edit mode so that I can move that symbol 'within' my 2d path object. I.e. move it without ungrouping = destroying the 2d path object? VvierA
  23. Thanks again. I will try that. Do you know if there is an overview for options like "kObjXIs2DSurfaceEligible"? I didn't find anything here: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=Main_Page VvierA


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