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  1. Hi Marissa, Thanks for thinking along with me! I'm using the no. of occupants field ('Space'.'11_Number of Occu'). I guess you'll need to grab both the 'count' and the object ID from a particular row and combine them in order to add the correct count to the correct space object? It also would be nice to recalculate the WS that counts the symbols. I guess for this action a node is also needed? Regs, Nico
  2. Hi, I've found a node that can get a subrow value (of a database row). Now I'm looking for a node that can SET a subrow value. Does it exist? I've got a worksheet that counts symbols per space object. But I want the number to appear in a space label. Currently I use 2 WS to fix this: 1 WS that counts the symbols per space object and a second WS that just lists the space objects in which I manually type the symbol count (as shown in WS1) so it appears in the space label. I was hoping that Marionette could automate this process for me. Nico.
  3. Hi Takeshi, Looks very useful, but the Japanese language indeed is not very common to me :-)...I guess I'll need to wait for Nemetschek or someone else to drop some nodes... Nico
  4. I'm quite curious as well if there are any nodes available to handle materials (e.g. assign material to an object?). Did you get any response?
  5. After some more testing it seems that every time you open an drawing you have to resolve the objects that have the database connection by: - selecting them all - select ODBC in the info palet - find row by value (I used ID) - press ok Feels like a workaround but it works...
  6. I've got a connection between a drawing and a mysql database. Now when I close the drawing and reopen it and edit record information an error shows that the database can't be accessed? When I detach the record and re attach it again it works fine... This doesn't seem very useful. Anyone any idea?
  7. I've setup a database connection with an mysql database. I've created a record with a database connection. Next I've attached this record to a symbol in my resource browser. But when I add an instance of this symbol to my drawing nothing happens in my database. Only when I select ODBC in the info palet and choose to add a row the database the data is added to the mySQL database. Is it possible to make this automatically happen? Or do I always have to establish the object connection manually? Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance!
  8. Well currently we've got people manually adding images to a list of furniture items. I've already setup a furniture library in VW and I'd like to expand it by adding an image to each item. So whenever an peace of furniture is placed on the drawing automatically the right image is shown in the list. In my opinion a spreadsheet cell would be enough. I'm not sure if the images are also included in de excel export function of VW21? Would be nice... What kind of workflow are you thinking of when speaking of a database?
  9. I'm eager to learn but there's no need to rush!
  10. Thanks! But how would I define the formula when I add that extra layer with the Image symbols on it? I couldn't get it to work with the name of the image symbol in a record field. I'm still curious how the plant tag is organized since that tool has the functionality in it that I'm looking for...as far as I can see it in online resources...
  11. Hi Pat, Thanks for thinking along with me. I guess something like the plant tag would help me the most but your second suggestion might do the job too...but I so far I can't get it to work. My setup: Symbol 1: a chair with a record ([RC] 82_furniture) attached to it with a text field (image) including the name of symbol 2 Symbol 2: an pgn image of the chair Now in the Worksheet I list the 'symbol 1' items. No big deal...but I can't manage to show the image of 'symbol' 2. What formula should I use? =IMAGE(S='[RC] 82_furniture'.'image') results in false =IMAGE('[RC] 82_furniture'.'image') results in just the text of the field... If I enter =IMAGE(S='82_Hay-AAC_IMG'), so the name of symbol 2, in an empty cell it does work but only when the symbol is in the drawing. Ideally I keep those symbols out of the drawing and call the image symbols from the resources... Please find my setup attached. chair.vwx
  12. I've posted this question also in the general discussion but maybe Marionette can help...not sure. Is it possible to link an image (png/jpg) to a symbol? I'd like to list symbols in a WS with a nice image next to it instead of an rasterized version of the symbol itself. I've seen an example of a plant tag which does the trick but I use architect and not landscape so I don't have access to that tag.
  13. Thanks Pat, I'm not sure if I can capture the results of that script in a worksheet? I've already created a workaround so I can use the standard criteria... It seems that custom scripts can be very helpful. Do you have tips on learning to write them? Nico
  14. I'm trying to filter not by IFC Entity but by a specific IFC Criteria of that IFC Entity type... a little background might clarify: I have lots of different types of floor finish slab styles (for carpets). Both the class of the slab and the slab component are the same. Otherwise I can't control the 2d appearance of the slab by class. All different carpet types would have the same color on the drawing. The only option is to change the color within the slab style itself...which I hate...I like to draw 'by class' as much as possible...So in the worksheet I can't use classes to filter. The easiest way for now is to name the components which I want to be grouped identically. E.a. 'carpet'. And add specific info on color etc. in the description field of the slab style. This way I could just use =DATABASE((COMP='carpet')) as formula and filter by =GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcSlab.Description')... But naming all the components 'floorfinish' isn't ideal...
  15. Is it possible to use an IFC property as a database criteria in a WS? I can use GET IFC Property as a function in a WS column but I want to use it as a filter in the database formula. When I enter =GETIFCPROPERTY('Pset_SlabCommon.Reference')='floorfinish' it shows true/false for each item but I want the false items to be removed from the list... any help would be appreciated!
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