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  1. Further to my post on 31st July, and happily using Vectorworks for a couple of hours the problem has returned and none of my zoom tools are working. The purple circle reappears when I try to zoom with the mouse. Can anyone help please?
  2. I had a problem zooming and panning and wrote the following post: When I try to zoom with the mouse I get a purple circle that increases or decreases in size as I scroll (swipe) the mouse - but the drawing does not zoom in or out. This started happening some time ago but the other zoom tools were still working. Now none of the zoom tools are working, including fit to objects and fit to page area, and the pan tool is not working either. I did a lot of experimenting with settings to try to track the problem. On a final check of the problem before posting everything is working fine. So what did I change to get everything back to normal please? Thanks Kindly Mac OSX10.9.4 Vectorworks 2014 Build 225643
  3. Being a yacht designer the centre of polygon tool is useful (essential) for finding the centre of effort of a sail or a group of sails so we can locate the forces in the rig. Because I can't open Vectorworks 12.5 anymore, I can't remember exactly what the menu structure was, but having now rediscovered it (thanks kindly) I think it was in the same place as it is now. I simply had a mind lapse and for some reason was expecting to find it under tools. I understand this is a different thread but not being able to open 12.5 is an extremely annoying development because 12.5 was far superior to VW11 and VW 2014 for rendering nurbs surfaces from Rhino. I have seen another thread relating to this topic but haven't found any of the advice helpful so far. Tony Grainger
  4. In Vectorworks 12.5 I used to be able to easily locate the centre of a polygon. Can't find how to do it 2014? Help please?
  5. I have the same problem with VW11. I have significant faceting of models imported from iges files and also from basic geometric shapes generated directly from the VW11 3D tool set. Interestingly the models render fine in VW12.5 and Rhino


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