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  1. Hello All,

    I have been asked to spec out some computers (Pcs) for a lab which will run VW designer + Renderworks. I am trying to find...anywhere...the minimum requirements and the preferred setup for running the program!

    Any responses would be appreciated!


  2. Hello,

    The lab that I am teaching VW in has 12.5 installed. When my students group objects, particularly circles, then ungroups them, the circles are turned into polygons. I don't think this happens on my laptop with v12.5. Sorry, I can't test as my dongle is in my office.

    Has anybody else noticed this? I'd rather not have to upgrade to v12.51 until after the semester because the lab was quite, uh, problematic to install and I don't want to risk trouble!

    Thanks for any advice!


  3. I posted this originally on the theatre-L mailing list and recieved a few responses that they *thought* this was a known bug by NNA. I just thought I'd post here to possibly get a response from Kevin or Katie if this was indeed the case!


    Something weird is going on here...I thought I'd see if this was

    happening to anybody else.

    I have a lighting position (side lighting boom) that has two-fered

    units on it. When I select the whole position (position, units,

    two-fer stuff...everything) I can move it, but usually the lines that

    make up the two-fer do not move. When I undo, most everything returns

    to its original position, but many (nearly every) time, some or all

    lights get placed at random places on the plot. Undoing doesn't help.

    v12.5 has been acting VERY VERY flaky for me, even after a complete,

    clean, reinstall of the program.

    Just wondering if this is happening to anybody else! Thanks in advance!


  4. This is something that has been annoying me since, I think v11. It is only manifest when I try to select a focus point object. I click VERY CAREFULLY on the focus point ONCE to bring up its info in the OIP and almost everytime an "The selected object has no edit behavior" dialog comes up. This doesn't happen on any other type of object when I only click once on it!

    This is very annoying and if anybody has run into a similiar problem I'd be interested in how you dealt with it!


  5. Thanks AutoPlot!!

    "Alt" sorting works but is sort of a pain. Any idea when your AutoPlot software will be ready??!!!

    Also, when you do a custom selection, you can save the selection as a script. I was trying to do a custom selection using "position" as a modifier...no dice! It'd be nice to be able to have "Find and Modify" create a script!

    So when is the new AutoPlot coming out again! ;-)


  6. Thanks for the suggestion Kaare! The solid addition worked well but when I changed the map type to plane, the texture appeared to be "smeared" across the objects. When I use map type - perimeter, each individual component of the solid addition is textured independently.

    Any other suggestions...thanks again for your advise!


  7. I just read my original post and it looks like I'm dogging on Kevin for the annoying focus point thing! I just wanted to make it clear that I was actually thanking Kevin for his great advice on this forum and the program in general!


  8. Just wanted to keep the "noise" up regarding being able to sort editable worksheets by two colums or more. Would be VERY useful!

    If anybody else is in favor of this...please respond!

    It is probably wishful thinking for having this available in 12.5....hmmmm....speaking of 12.5...aren't we due pretty soon!...anybody?!


  9. Hello All,

    When I place focus points in a plot, I usually place one using the focus point tool, then copy and paste the rest. After copying, when I select the focus point (so I can edit its name in the OIP), a warning comes up with something like, "this item has no edit behavior". EVERYY DANG TIME!

    I know this is not a huge deal, but it is sure a pain!

    Thanks Kevin!


  10. I apologize for posting in the group, but general seems to get more nibbles!

    I am designing a set, which consists of a platform with steps going up to a higher platform then steps on the other side going back down to the low plat. All of these are extruded polylines, then converted to NURBS objects. I would like to apply a texture to the tops of all of the NURBS objects (platforms and stair treads) as if they were one object. My texture has words that I would like to have be continuous over the top of everything!

    Any advice would be appreciated!


  11. Thanks for the response alan!

    I did a little experiment. I just went in and tried to open a file (straight out of VW)...crash city. I then went and disabled Windows firewall, opened a file up just fine. I then went back, enabled Windows firewall, then tried to open a file...everything worked just fine!

    I forgot to mention that everytime I dis/enabled the firewall, I restarted VW. I am not sure what is happening...maybe just a "bubble" I dislodged!

    At any rate I'm just gonna go with it! :-)

    Thanks again!

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