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  1. I have VW 2016. If I render an image using custom render setting it looks great on screen. If I then try to export this as an image file it renders but the final image is terrible and looks worse than a fast render (but takes an age to render) What am I doing wrong? I have tried to export using different file types but with the same outcome. I'm render at 300dpi in the settings.. Thanks
  2. Am I being dumb? We just upgraded to 2012 from 2011 and I cannot create a section viewport as there is no option to in the View menu! Any pointers! I have SP4 installed....
  3. Does anyone else have issues when modeling in 3D? For me objects seem to have a mind of there own. Moving in planes that do not direct them in (i.e moving an object in plan by click and dragging. When I change my view the object has also moved in other planes!) The only way I can stop this is by nudging the object but this takes forever! This has never happened to me and I've used every version of Vectorworks from v9. My experience with 2011 has be awful to date that his issue is costing me so much valuable time on projects.
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