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  1. Thanks Jim, the problem I have is with this VWTMP existing, whenever I tried to save my file, I get a message "The file save operation failed. Please try again, or save to a different location". I have to save as and replace the original file or manually have to delete this VWTMP file.


    VW 2014 Architect

    Imac Intel 10.8.5

  2. Draw an object (rectangle or polygon).

    Give a fill.

    Click on the fill at attribute palette.

    Color pattern opens.

    Click on color wheel at top.

    When you try to move the slider on the right side up or down to darken or lighten the color, program freezes and crashes.

    This happens on VW10, 11 & 12.

    I wish I can attach a picture to explain more clearly, but I don't have my own web site to do that.

    Can somebody help me how to resolve this please.



    Mac, Intel Core 2 Duo

    OS X 10.5.8, 2G ram

  3. Hi,

    I am new to vecorworks and want to know just how to Reference a file. I have a plan, i want to insert it into a site plan. I have opened the site plan and referenced it in the Organization window, but the plan does not show up on screen of in the resource browser.

    Is there a tutorial out there because the manual is CRAP!


  4. I am using VW 2008 and Canon IPF 700.

    When I print on IMac with Leopard, the VW color patterns prints too dark.

    When I print on another Imac with Tiger, VW patterns looks okay.

    Anybody has solution for this, please respond.

    Imac 2.16 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo

  5. Is it possible to have different colour for the same symbol on a drawing?

    For example, I created a symbol of a car. Can I have one car in blue colour and the other on in red colour.


    Pentium Imac 10.4 VW 2008

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