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  1. I am having a couple of problems with getting my desired print results and was hoping somebody could help me out. 1. Hatches ? Do not print through my plotter. If I PDF the sheet they show up fine, exactly as I want them but never through our plotter. 2. Tree display ? Seem to be missing the outline around them even though I have the outline set at three. Again when I PDF the sheet the trees look correct but not through my plotter. 3. PDF printing issues ? When I export the PDF it reads as only a 2.8MB file. However, when trying to print it takes a ridiculous amount of memory and will not print at all through our plotter. I have also tried opening it in Photoshop to adjust the file format and an hour later it is still trying to open the file. Still learning vectorworks and all these little things are incredibly frustrating... AV
  2. Thanks for all your comments guys! They look great now! Now, instead of making a new topic...Why can't I get my hatches to print?? They print when I PDF the sheet but not through my plotter? very strange... Any suggestions?
  3. Also, I am using the same tree symbol a couple different places and I noticed when I changed the "mass overlapping" option it changes all of the individually placed trees as well. Is there a way to avoid this?
  4. Which symbols would you suggest using that keep at least some of the interior linework intact? I have it working properly as far as placement is concerned, but now I just need it read better a slight bit of interior linework. Thanks for your help guys!
  5. Not sure I understand...Are you saying I should be placing as an Array? I prefer the single placement because then the trees end up in the exact location that I want them. Also, in the array mode I find the same overlapping problem. Thanks for your help. AV
  6. Is there any options within vectorworks that will allow me to trim edges of the trees that intersect each other? We have a grouping of trees with intersecting canopies and I was hoping to find a way to make the interesecting edges basically disappear, leaving only the outline of the entire grouping of trees. Any ideas? AV
  7. I was working in Fundamentals and that seemed to be the problem. As soon as I switched it to Landmark the export PDF option was available. Thanks for your help! AV
  8. I'm using Vectorwors 2011 on a PC. My problem is that I don't see an option for exporting PDF... The options are as follows: Export dxf/dwg " " database " " epsf " " image file " " metafile " " vectorscript " " worksheet There are also a bunch of 3d only options. I'm so confused because I have done it before but I simply can't find the option for it anymore?
  9. I can't for the life of me figure out to export my drawing into a PDF...I know I've done this before but I can't the find a PDF file option anywhere under the export tab. Please help! AV


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