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  1. Issues solved, the system volume was behaving as though it was case sensitive, even though the volume info said "case sensitive no". The whole "case sensitive" volume thing is kind of odd to say the least. I found another post on the forum that mentioned the same error I'd encountered, which prompted me to to check the my system volume. I confirmed the disk was acting as though it was case sensitive. I was able to create a file "FRED" and another file "fred" in the same directory. I reformatted the drive -- APFS non-case sensitive, reinstalled Big Sur Public Beta, a couple other apps and then VW 2021 SP-1 and it's working well. In regards to Security & Privacy system settings I see VW 2021 Installer having full disk access but find no other entries for VW in the Privacy tab. Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you -- I did some digging on the security features and found what you mentioned about the access control per application, sadly -- see below Vectorworks 2021 was not listed in the access control list -- I added it -- granting full access to Vectorworks and even to the other supplied apps in the VW 2021 folder, but no luck. I'm still getting the same message. It does not appear to make any difference if I grant full access or just files and folders. I did not see any mention of allowing access during any of the installs I've done ? I'm curious what settings for that access you have enabled on your Mac Thanks
  3. In preparation for upgrading from 10.14 Mojave I figured I'd try to jump to Big Sur, so I've installed the public beta 11.0, (20A5395g ) on a fresh disk, do a clean install, yes painful but I'd like leave 7 years of accumulated stuff behind and start fresh. Installed 2021 SP1 and had no issued during the install but it won't run. I get this message I've reinstalled, and thinking it was having issues with the install on my other drive, Mojave, (which is working fine). I had only the clean install of Big Sur drive mounted. Vectorworks 26.0.1 in installed in the Application/Vectorworks 2021 folder -- nothing moved, license registered, but still .... I called support and was told they don't support Big Sur -- but if they have posted news and created a thread here, how do they expect to get some feed back ? Thank you Yes, this is my first post here
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