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  1. You could convert the symbol to a group. That would un-reference it.
  2. Contact serious stages. info@stages.co.uk They have sent me dwg's in the past. Just can't seem to lay my hands on one right now. Hope this helps
  3. Thanks for your reply Oyvind. I tried this and got the same result as below. I tried using 'Coordinate XY' from Vectorbits which will give me a print out on the drawing. I can't however get a report sheet with the same coordinates on it. All the coordinates generated by 'Coordinate XY' in the report are to the computer origin not the drawing origin. Therefore all they give you is the drawing origin coordinates. I have asked Manuel Garcia de Paredes and he is not able to help me further unfortunately. Has anybody found a solution to this. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi All This is my first post to the forum. I'm using VW2008 and am having a problem with what I would have considered a simple process. I have drawn a map (part of which is attached). I have then created a symbol (highlighted). This symbol is to mark all my setting out points on site. My plan was then to attach a system to record the X/Y values of these points, which I could then use as northing and eastings when setting out the real site. I have spent the last two days reading this forum too no avail on how to do this. I did find posts from 2005ish and vectorscripts called Coordinate Dim and Benchmark XY. I've tried both these but neither will generate a report and seemed to be inaccurate. I can use the stake object tool but, usefully, it will give me the Z dimension but not the X/Y. I have read that VW2011 can do this but being a single user I can't justify the cost of upgrading at the moment. In addition Vectorscript may as well be Klingon. I have been able to install Vscript and use them but writing or modifying is beyond me. Any ideas on how to achieve this gratefully received as i really don't fancy the alternative of hand notating all 2500 points. Worst case scenario if i could get the Coordinates to print with the page it would help. As a footnote: The Z value on this project is not important but it would be useful in the future. Ideally the information i would like to record would be: Point No. Easting(X) Northing(Y) Elevation(Z) Description
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