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  1. Nevermind, I just saw that the Dutch version is a piece of trash compared to the English one.

    English: 1 decent door and 1 decent window tool

    Dutch: 1 rubbish interior door tool and 2 rubbish exterior door/window tools


    screenshot of 1 of the exterior door/window tools


  2. Whenever I try to align a wall to the grid, vectorworks uses the door as a reference. My grid is 5x5cm but the wall itself never gets aligned well... instead some point of the door aligns to the grid.

    And to be honest, grabbing to the grid is a disaster overall. Some settings I really should mark on or off?

  3. I'm trying to install VWX 2015 but it keeps saying i need to install java, while I have installed it via the link provided by VWX 2015 itself...

    "There is no valid java version installed. This is required for installation of Vectorworks. Install Java from the opening website."

  4. If I want to make an undefined wall thicker it thickens out from the middle outwards. How can I move the axis of the wall to the out or inside?

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