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  1. In the process of doing so, yes. Have purchased it today so will start dipping my toe in next week.
  2. Good afternoon, If anyone is interested, I am selling my license for Vectorworks Architect 2013. ?1250. This will include the balance of the VSS which runs until October. Please contact me directly by email if you are interested. My email address is on my profile.
  3. Good afternoon, If anyone is interested, I am selling my license for Vectorworks Architect 2013. ?1250. This will include the balance of the VSS which runs until October. Please contact me directly by email if you are interested. My email address is on my profile. Thanks, Richard.
  4. Hi, Are you interested in a copy of Vectorworks Architect 2013 I am considering selling?
  5. I should add that within the VSS the 2011 and 2012 versions are also included.
  6. I am selling my 2013 Architect license. I am based in the UK though I believe I can transfer the license abroad. I originally bought VW Fundamentals 2011 and have also purchased the Architect add on. It has upgraded through VSS to the current version. This package costs ?1525 plus VAT (?1830) in the UK. I am selling for ?1350. For UK buyers this will include two excellent Jonathan Pickup manuals with CD which I will post in the UK:- Vectorworks Essentials 2011 and Vectorworks Architect 2012. They are about ?59 each. Let me know if you are interested.
  7. I am printing a drawing and it is taking about two or three minutes to print. A3 paper. Brother printer. When I used AutoCAD it would take about 10 seconds. Rasterize print output is not selected. They are basic elevations, no hatching or rendering, just line work. Is there something in the settings that I can change?
  8. I would add that it is when I change the space label symbol to any other arrangement it happens. I have switched off the 2D boundary so that the doors show. I have tried the 3D boundary on and off but it makes no difference.
  9. I have created a floor plan and used the space planning tools to create spaces from walls on the ground and first floor. If I change the space label symbol to 'space label residential' it disappears. This only happens on the first floor, not on the ground floor. Any ideas why this would be?
  10. Thanks Digitalmechanics, Very similar to the way I have been using Sketchup in that example.
  11. Thanks Guy, That's exactly the kind of help I need.... basic! I have learnt a lot in the last two weeks and must have missed that step out.
  12. OK, so I'm used to using AutoCAD LT and have been drawing 2D sections for many years. Now I have tried VWA, built a 3D model, and wondered the best way to produce detailed sections. I have looked at various methods and I guess you do what is best for your own workflow but the issues I have come up against are: I have managed to create a sheet layer viewport and it shows the section. The section is 1:50 so when I detail over it, it doesn't work typing in the full scale dimensions (eg; 50x100 plate)because of the scaling. Similarly with dimensions to show floor to ceiling heights etc, they are all in paper scale rather than model scale. Do I create a 1:1 viewport - how do I get around this? So I tried a design layer viewport - I have failed to create a successful design layer viewport. I have inserted the section line running from front to rear on plan, created it on a new layer (design layer 1) but I can't work out how to show the section let alone detail upon it. It just shows on plan or elevation with a red cross through the section area. How do I detail? I haven't tried 2013 yet and it detail viewport - can you detail over this at 1:1 scale? I appreciate your continuing support - don't know where I would be without it.
  13. New user finding my through the jungle - been using Vectorworks for about two weeks and using it on a real project with a real deadline - so far its going OK and I have most of the house done - now its time to out in a bi fold door. I think in this case I can use a 4 panel one so I can use the existing options available but what have people found to be the best solution to doors with 5 or more leaves? Windoor is no longer available to new users.
  14. Mike, I used the getting started guide for 2011 as it suited my workflow and was more suited to the type of work that I do than the 2012 guide. The 2013 guide wasn't out at the time. The 2012 guide completely ignores stories (as it seems the 2013 issue does too upon a quick glance through) which is one feature I wanted to learn. Funny really when I thought this was one of the main features introduced in 2012 and yet no mention in their getting started guide. Thanks everyone for your comments. I am sure I will be asking for more help in the future.... I have added foundations and modified the floor to suit my spec so I'm feeling pleased with myself. Now to tackle the double pitched gable roof with central valley. I may be on the help forum again if I can't manage it.
  15. Thanks Taoist - something so simple, but I have spent hours trying to sort it out! Really appreciate your help. I will sort out the slab level - I'm just playing around with different settings to try and understand how it all works. Many thanks.
  16. I am a long term AutoCAD LT user. I bought VW2011 Architect, never used it, updated to 2012 and thought by the time 2013 comes out I had better have a go... Having read all the negative stuff lately I am wishing maybe I had waited (if I had had the ability to see two years into the future) and bought Revit LT! Anyway, I am trying to self teach and trying to use stories. This is a simple job (as most of mine are) but I could do with an idiots guide to setting up. On the attached file, I am not sure what I have done wrong but the ground floor walls and first floor walls are at the same level - or they appear to be to me anyway. This is my first project using VW and i want to crack it but I am finding the learning process very slow. Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong in the stories / design layers setup. This is on VWA 2012. Many thanks.
  17. RichG

    PC or Mac

    Thanks for your opinions and comments. I never do anything quickly when it involves spending money.... I have never spent more than about ?1200 on a PC as I only ever needed to run ACAD LT which isn't very demanding so i want to make the right choice. I will see how I get on with Win 7 using it every day though it has got to be better than Vista, and then decide. I expect I shall plump for the PC due to the software purchasing issues (though VWKs and SKP will work on either), learning to change over, and working with colleagues who will still be using ACAD.
  18. RichG

    PC or Mac

    Its that time where I need to start thinking about buying a new machine. I am running Vectorworks on a Win PC on Vista at the moment though I have a copy of Win 7 to install as soon as I make the time. I work by myself and use a PC and a laptop (Win 7). I am wondering about whether to try out an iMac or stick with PC. Are there any opinions out there from people with experience of both. What spec would people recommend for both. I know it is the case of pay the most you can afford. Whilst the budget is flexible, I dont want to spend an extra ?400 on ram and processor upgrades if I dont need to. Also if I am switching between laptop running windows and a Mac, I assume I will run into problems. In terms of power, should I be looking at 8, 12 or 24 GB of RAM for good performance. I do some rendering but mostly from Sketchup at the moment. Whilst I have VW Architect 2012 I have not started using it yet and I am still on ACAD LT. I am planning to start within the next few weeks so i am not familiar with how well my machine will cope at the moment (2.7GHz Core2 Duo, 3.1G RAM) Thanks
  19. Thanks for that. Do you know when SP3 is likely to be released?
  20. Jonathan, I note that you have written the training manuals. When is the 2011 version to be published. Would the 2010 version be confusing using it with 2011?
  21. Vincent, Just had a look at your website - do you use VW for all the projects shown on there?
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