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  1. Hi Yes it's still available. I was thinking £500. There's the £150 transfer fee too that goes to VW. Thanks JP
  2. Vectorworks Landmark with Renderworks 2015 for sale. Please reply if you're interested.
  3. Hi Grateful for your advice. Is it wise to buy vectorworks secondhand off ebay? What risks are there...? E.g. for Designer 2010 it appears a dongle isn't needed... but when I come to activate it (E series) and it's already been activated on two machines have I just got a nice box and mug coasters for my cash? (see quote below from Nemeschek) Is there a way of verifying a serial number to see if it is still valid? Anything else I need to think about that I haven't thought about? Thanks Jez "E series licenses are online activated installations of Vectorworks. These licenses must be activated after installation and can be installed on a maximum of 2 machines. "
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