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  1. Hi, I have VW 12 version 12.1 and downloaded the update for 12.5. after installing it says VW is missing a file and needs to be re installed. anyone have any experience with this issue? thanks, Matthew
  2. Hello, Does anyone know a simple way to draw a 3d machine screw without using Machine Design? I'm only using fundamentals
  3. Hey, I think I know what's going on here, have a document with 4 viewports on it. The crops put a box around each viewport as I save them on the sheet. When I go back to alter the crop (or rather, just to get rid of the box around the object in the viewport, I delete it, and then the bounding box for that object is HUGE. It goes way off to one side. What I should have been asking the whole time, I think is, is there a way to a- get rid of the outline of the crop or b- controle the highlighted area if I do delete the bounding box I don't know know if that made sense, but I can tell you what , from here, people ho've mastered VW have the enviable position. Yeah, I'm only half kidding,the Smithsonian is great. Thanks for your help with this. -M
  4. Thank you for your help. Does cropping require a specific view, or could I crop in any view say "right rear isometric"?
  5. Thanks a bunch for the help. I should only create a class for the 2 drawer positions, not the entire assembly correct? I've done this now where I have the drawer in 2 classes, and respectively positions, open and closed. When I go back to the different viewports on the sheet I'm working on and change the class for one viewport to be "open" the drawer disappears from all of the other viewports.
  6. Hello, I understand what you mean. The only way I know how to do this, and it works, is to select the annotation that you want to correct, then, right under the line weight box there's a series of arrows. On the right is a scroll down window for different types of arrows. go down to the bottom and select "custom". From there you can customize the arrow type and weight. -M
  7. What about cropping a view port if the object is 3d?
  8. Hello, I could use some help. I've done an illustration in Vector Works 2010 complete with multiple viewports. The problem I'm having, is that I'd like to alter the structure of one of the viewports to illustrate a part of the object that moves (sliding drawer). Problem I'm having is when I slide the drawer out in ne viewport all of the other viewports naturally update to the change. How do I illustrate what would I guess be 2 different drawings on the same page?
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