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  1. Done, same problem. I am just mystified, been through this PC with a comb, there are no problems, 3 different gfx cards, tried every FAQ, help etc Trawled forums for suggestions. Clean install after clean install. Deleting the user data All windows updates Different drivers Disabled the sound Updated Dotnet and DirectX Run SFc /Scannow Run chkdsk c: /r Its not even an old install of windows (3 months since fresh) No errors in event viewer There doesnt seem to be any reason that it should crash, yet it does. He did try and install minicad which failed to run so he removed it. SHould that have any effect? I am really clutching at straws now. Each time I get a vectorworks crash dump .dmp file but its just mosly gibberish and not helpful. Is there any prog I can view this file with? I have been trying notepad.
  2. I'm afriad it still crashes. I didnt have that folder becasue its winxp, I deleted the same folder in C:Docs and Settings/Username/Applicationdata/Nemetschek/Vectorworks. It still crashes in the same spot.
  3. Hi, I have tried with windows update drivers (tend to be older) and the latest drivers from the manufacturers website recommended for that card (using legacy drivers for the 9200 and TNT2)
  4. Hi Ray, thanks for your reply. I have uninstalled all Anti virus software. (After thourough scans to ensure the PC is clean. I remove malware for a living, so I am pretty adept at it. I am 99% sure the PC is totally clean (If anyone says 100% sure then they are lying or the worlds best super human programmer!) Same result. I have just tied different RAM, no change. This really doesnt seem to make sense. The best clue I can offer is that the licesne info on the splash screen never gets filled in, it is blank up to the crash, even though I have entered it on the install sequence. I have around 14 crash .dmp file I can offer if you can help. Thanks ever so much David Cox Computer Repairs/Services
  5. hi, I have sent a few emails to our vectorworks supplier, but he is as stumped as me. If I could just copy those and paste Email 1: Hugh purchased your Vectorworks 2011 software a few days ago and cannot get it to work on his system. he has called me in to try and get it working, however I think I have done everything I can possibly do. Is there a crash log anywhere in the folders? I looked and could not find one. There are no errors in windows event viewer. The program installs fine. WHen it has finished installing, it installs all the extras such as VB and Quicktime etc. Everything installs fine. We get to the registration web page. When we run Vectorworks the splash screen appears, and before it can even load one single plugin we get 'vectorworks has encountered a problem, and needs to close'. I have tried 3 different graphics cards. He had a Riva TNT, I tried a Radeon 9200 and a Geforce 6800 all with the latest recommended drivers and also windows update drivers, same result. his system is an Athlon 2200+, 1.25gb RAM, Nforce 2 motherboard, Windows XP Sp3. The system was only formatted about 3 months ago and is very clean with few programs installed. It runs fast and smooth, no malware as far as I can tell (run many scans with malwarebytes/Security essentials/combofix/SDfix). Does Vectorworks 2011 need any DOTNET software? Does it need a CPU with SSE2? I have tried uninstalling quicktime and reinstalling the version on the disk, same result. I have tied deleteing everyinstance of vectorworks2011 from the registry and hard disk and reinstalling, same result. His system is totally stable, I have run a RAM test and even if it was bad RAM it would be erratic and not the same problem every run.. Email 2. I have WinXP SP3 on my PC and Vectorworks works fine. Hughs is now almost exactly the same as mine software wise (But with older hardware) An Athlon XP2200+ should be OK to at least let it run, however slow wouldnt you think? As I have tried 3 gfx cards, 2x nvidia and one ATI, that cannot be it. I have disabled the sound in device manager, same result. Directx and Dotnet 4.0 are installed. I have run system file checker and used the XP Home sp3 disk to repair any files. The only clue I can give you is that the license info is not filled in on the splash screen, when the Vectorworks is first run its all blank. It doesnt reach the 'loading plugins' we get the 'encountered a problem right after the splash screen and blank login info. I have entered the key on install used Hugh Wright as the customer name, and none as the company. Would the registration info make any difference with regards to this crash? Where is the customer info held? Is it in the vectorworks folder in program files or in the windows account info? I tried making a new windows account with admin abilities, same result. I am running out of ideas. Email 3. I found the vectorworks application data folder and found the crash dumps, and thought I would send them too you. Please see my earlier email I just sent too. As they are gibberish if I open them in notepad, I thought you may be able to see something in them. (I cannot seem to attach the crash dumps to this message, but can send them to anyone willing to help. Does anyone have any ideas please? I am stumped... regrds David Cox Computer Repairs/Services Bakewell Derbyshire
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