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  1. I make quickish 3D architectural models. The most useful tool for me is Julian Carr's 3D Manager. (Thanks Julian!) I can create a wall of any plan form from a complete vertical section of the wall showing all the different materials and mouldings. Unfortunately I cant insert symbols into the wall as it is actually made of 3D Polys. If the VW wall tool could create walls from a section extruded along a path - yet allow insertion of symbols, then building a model would be as easy as falling in a canal!
  2. I agree that the Vectorworks thumbnails of symbols in the Resource palette are inadequate.
  3. Please update me on this one, as I havent yet seen the conclusive answer. I've looked around the Apple downloads site as suggested, but I can't see any reference to the driver updates that you mention for my ATI Card. (name ATI Mach6_3DU, model ATY GT-B, in a beige G3 266). The absence of anything on the site seems to indicate there is no upgrade, whilst the ATI site recommends I go back to the Apple site. Please tell me the exact name and the web location of the file you recommend. Alternatively you suggest turning off extensions, but I notice I have six. Which of these is causing the problem? ATI 3D accelerator 4.9.3 ATI Driver Update 1.4.8 ATI Rage 128 3D accelerator 5.6.9 ATI Resource Manager 2.1.5 ATI Video accelerator 4.3.3 ATI Video Memory Manager 7.5 (Mac OS 8.5)
  4. When you export to Artlantis you have to convert to 3D Polys first, otherwise you can get unexpected results. If you have time-consuming renders you can batch render them overnight with Artlantis.
  5. Hi Shaun, Stop whingeing and go buy Artlantis! Its a great way to render VW models. It's really smooth transfering models from VW and the interface of Artlantis is great. After using Microstation with its built in rendering I became convinced that an all-in-one approach was not the best - so I never even bothered looking at VW/QD3D or VW/Renderworks. In my experience of rendering VW/Artlantis is the best combination. (I assume its available for PC)
  6. I remember having similar problems when trying to snap to other layers. I've never clearly understood snapping between layers but I think I changed the other layer views from 3d ones to Top/Plan and then the snaps returned.
  7. How does this Dialogue Box operate (for example In Convert to Group and set Class Attributes)? If it has been set to Always, has it been Alwaysed forever, or can it be un-Alwaysed again?
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