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  1. Problem resolved itself. After several reboots, I checked back and all is well. So it goes.
  2. I actually had some problems with the Attributes Palette on my PC. It wouldn't act properly unless it was docked. I had to reinstall the program for another reason, and the problem cleared up. Hope I don't have to do that again for this issue.
  3. This is the only pallette that acts like this. It is 2013 on 10.9.1 My other pallettes only go to 2 icons wide as opposed to one icon on PC and they don't "snap" like on the PC. Annoying but tolerable. Oh yes, and I know about the green button. This is the larger of the 2 sizes.
  4. Just switched back to Mac and have had a bit of a learning curve with the way the Mac handles things. However, I think I have a bit of a problem with the Attributes window. 1. I can't resize it 2. There is no color dialogue box. 3. It just doesn't look like it's supposed to. Enclosed is a screen shot of what it looks like. 2.3 GHz Intel Core 17 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 ignore processors in signature.
  5. My new 2013 VW13 dusc has been "initializing" for over 15 minutes? Is this normal or is there a problem
  6. Thank you. It was actually a series of undos. But they came after I had selected then de-selected a series of units. No units were deleted.
  7. Every now and then my Instrument Object Window changes the type of information that is presented. I have no idea how it gets there, and I have equally no idea on how to get back to Unit Numbers, Channels, etc. What is the magic key sequence to get back to what I need. JT
  8. Wow...that was so easy....thanks
  9. Well, Jim, if you hit the Tab key the box you need for location will appear. Hope that helps.
  10. I'm certain there is a simple answer here. If I set the origin at the corner of a square, I used to be able to get the exact x,y dimensions either in a box by the cursor or at the top of the page. I am running 2011 and when I set the origin, it appears nicely on my page rulers, but these rulers do not provide the accuracy I need when moving the cursor. Hope that makes sense.
  11. Not sure if turning off Exchange helps or not. I think it does. After 5 straight crashes, I deleted the .xml file and THAT is what stopped the crashes.... for awhile. My thought was that since Exchange creates the xml, why not just turn it off until I need it. So far, so good.
  12. I think that cuts closer to my problem than anything else. My symbols folder is a hodge podge of self created stuff and adapted stuff that has been with me since .mcd days. I think one of these days, I'll have to go into that folder and purge what I don't need (Studio Spot?????) and just redo all the ones that I use all the time. Not sure, though, why turning off Lightwright exchange solves the problem temporarily. Did not have this problem at all in 10.
  13. Crashed again. This time I just moved a unit. Quick fix, as usual, delete the Lightwright exchange files. In fact I just turned it off. I'll turn it on when I need it.
  14. Turned out I had my install disk with me. So far so good, but I haven't done any heavy lifting yet.
  15. Anyway of getting that version somewhere else? I won't be near that install disk for awhile.
  16. So computer info below. My laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS which has just been updated and it also experience crashes.
  17. I have a full up to date 2011 running on XP Pro that is fully updated. The crashes I have experienced are legion. I have never had a VW edition crash like this one. I have to save like avery 30 seconds because I don't know when the next will happen. It not only occurs on my desk top but on my laptop as well. All drawings all the time. Work arounds have included deleting the xml and lck files after the crash. This seems to give me a little more time. Of course tech support is closed until Monday. If I had my 10 disk here I would downgrade. HELP
  18. So after about an hour of Microsoft updates, it finally loaded. Now I have to re-install Norton.....so it goes.
  19. I have called the support number. First, this laptop was just reformatted, and it appears I have nowhere near all the Microsoft updates I need even though I downloaded over 140 of them yesterday. I am currently downloading like a mad man and hoping that does the trick. In the meantime, it loaded onto my Desk top just fine. More later.
  20. Big Negatory. Disabled Norton 360 Firewall and Virus. Enter SN, it thinks for a second, then nothing.
  21. I got an upgrade (VW 2011) and am installing it clean on a laptop I just reformatted. Have plenty of room on an XP Pro Dell Inspiron. However, I type in the SN and the installation just stops. Do I need to have an older version installed in order to upgrade or am I having a disk problem. I think I remember a similar problem. Would Norton have something to do with this? Like I have to disable something temporarily?
  22. Guess that was what you were saying because that does the trick. I'm hoping in future incarnations this will not be the case, because I like to have my paperwork in universe format. However, this works for now. Thanks.
  23. Sooooooo what your saying is to not export in universe mode but in dimmer mode (i.e. 513 as opposed to 2/1)? I have all of the universe info filled in VW Spotlight Pref and, as I said, auto assign turned on. I will give the above a try though I think already have.
  24. Using 2010 on XP and LW5. Everything works flawless except....the universe/u dimmer is spotty. My dimmers are coming in Universe mode and appear as such under dimmer, i.e. 3/252. However, universe and u dimmer are at 0. Have selected auto assign and it does work in some drawings after a refresh but not in others. Any suggestions?
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