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  1. Alternatively one can try to convert the .skp to .3ds from SU's Export function. That worked for me.
  2. Excellent! Ok - now for another questions: why? I've been looking in the help file but I can't find description or reference to why pads should be in screen plane. Even the Creating a Pad topic doesn't mention that. (btw, Jonathan - I've been watching some of your videos - great stuff. They where recommended by someone else at the office. Funny that you should be the first one to reply.)
  3. I'm looking into VW as an option to model site terrains. The parametric terrain in VW looks promising. Being able to go back and forth, quickly editing terrain changes is a process that I sorely miss in my toolkit at the office. Having looked at VW for some days now I have some questions. How do you model site terrains where you have roads illustrated? The road tools are not fit for the job as I never have a simple road without branches. I thought of creating a pad out of the road profile, but this is Norway - not a single flat area, the terrain is all over the place, so I can't create just one planar road. I also tried to Project the road profiles onto the terrain, but I ran out of memory. When I looked at Task Manager VW's memory usage when to to nearly 4GB and would then crash with "Out of memory message." I tried to cut the roads down into smaller pieces but I'd still get the same error. And then here is the issue that I won't have a smart terrain after I try to intersect it. So after dabbling around myself for a while now I'm very interested in hearing what existing users do. (Sorry, just noticed the workflow section of the forum. Maybe a mod can move this topic?)
  4. I'm evaluating VW2010 Architect. I've been trying to model a site with roads and pads. But I am struggling with pads. I can't get them to affect the site model. I created a test model (attached) and I have the same problem there. I eventually ended up getting warnings about pads not inside boundaries. Roads however works just fine. I have set the terrain to display proposed only. All objects in the test model are on the same class and layer. All site modifiers applies to Proposed. No Boundaries overlap. When I use the Select Similar tool the only site modifiers selected are the ones I expect to be there. Doesn't appear to be any extra hidden ones. So now I am stomped. I can't work out why the pads won't work. And I have a feeling it's something obvious - but I can't see it. I asked someone in the office that has used VW for a while, but he couldn't spot it either. (p.s. why can't one upload zipped models? much smaller filesizes.)
  5. "Combine Surfaces" "Join Polylines" "Join to Polyline" Doesn't have to be a single word description for everything. Using synonym for every object variant quickly makes things obscure.
  6. "Compose" - can't say that's a very intuitive name for a function that join lines into a polyline. I've been searching the help files and google for a while now to find out how to connect a series of lines and polylines into one single polyline. At first I was trying Join, which is the name of the command in many other vector applications.


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