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  1. Thanks Pat. Do I read about insertion point in the manual or the knowledge base. I have not used Vectorworks much. I will try and make it at 1 end of the jamb.
  2. When i drag my 3d door symbol onto the center of a wall this is what happens. The door cutout is to the right of the center of the wall and the door is about 5 ft back from the wall. Is there a problem with my wall or file? Can someone tell me what the black vertical lines are on the wall I am trying to insert the door in. Thanks EDIT: Thanks MaleXLR
  3. Your suggestion worked MaleXLR. I now have the door placed in the wall but how do I cut the hole in the wall. All I see is the casing and drywall, and the handle sticking through the drywall. Can the door be converted to a door symbol, so that when I place it in a wall a hole is booleaned, so you can see the door and not the drywall? What about imported hardware for the door. How do I place the hardware easily on the doors without hardware? How do I place the handles, specifically? Thanks
  4. Why can I not find it? I would like to add the door object to my library so I can insert the door in my walls. As well I have some door hardware with square backplates I would like to place on doors I create in Vectorworks. I disable the door hardware on the Vectorworks doors. How can I place this imported hardware on all my doors. I don't have Vectorworks Select, otherwise I might find some hardware I like there.
  5. How do I re-activate my student version of Vectorworks 2020? Thanks
  6. My exterior views with the red dashed borders render. My interior view which has no red dashed border will not render. How do I get the interior view to have the red dashed border? Thanks
  7. Thanks herbieherb. Right now I am experimenting with the file from the renderworks tutorial series. It will however only render in artistic mode even though it is set to realistic mode. I only have a Nvidia 660 ti with open cl. Could this be the problem? Thanks
  8. It will only render artistic. I only have a nvidia 660ti with open cl. Could this have something to do with it. Do I need a better graphics card? I am rendering the file from the tutorial series on using renderworks. 05-indirect-lighting. Thanks
  9. In order to download content for the educational version of designer, do you just go to help and click on the download content button? Are there any scene files there so a person can do a test render with the software? Thanks
  10. I am new to 2020 vectorworks and would like to render some test scenes. Where can I find some test scenes? Thanks
  11. Thanks for taking the time to look at this problem. Fortunately my distributor was able to tell me it would not work in plan3d mode. I sent him the file and a half hour later he had the answer. Next time I'll post the file as I'm sure someone on the forum would have been able to provide me with the same answer. Cheers
  12. In the line split mode the wall is converted to solids. Nothing happens in point split mode. It is the point split mode I am having trouble with. Nothing happens. Thanks
  13. Thank you to the both of you. Your patience is appreciated.
  14. I can't get the split tool to work, in point split mode, on walls. In line split mode it will cut the walls, but you are not able to lengthen or join these walls, after this operation.
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