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  1. What does "corrupt objects" actually mean, Jeremy? You are quite correct, I mustn't have checked "Import Layer Objects", I have now imported them into another new file. I'll play with it and see if the problem has stayed with the imported layers.
  2. Thanks for your time on this Jeremy. I am aware of the problem of objects distant from the internal origin, I've had to deal with this in the past, usually when importing other people's Autocad drawings. I'm very careful about this when starting new models or new layers. While I agree that from a support point of view this is one of the first things to get people to look for, I checked this file very carefully for that sort of error, and it isn't the problem. I tried your idea of exporting as a 2015 file, then re opening in 2016; interestingly 3 out of the 4 stone scans went missing! I didn't open it with 2015, I don't have older versions of the software installed on the same machine. I also opened a new file and imported the layers from the original file; the layers all imported with the correct names, but they had no geometry in them... rjtiedeman I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by "Cleanse the file in transition" Ronnie
  3. Advice from the Vectorworks tech team would be most appreciated.
  4. This topic has been discussed several times before. I am designing a glass structure to display and protect some carved Pictish stones. I am working with meshes derived from scans of the stones to make metal mounts to fit them accurately, so the file is quite big. Using VW2016 on my Mac Pro with a reasonable if not up to date graphics card, the file starts by using 1-2 GB of memory, then gradually increases until the computer displays the dialog shown by David Homer above, at which stage Activity Monitor is showing memory usage at 64-65GB, and the computer locks up and cannot be restarted or shut down. I got to the stage where I simply could not get any work done. I bit the bullet and bought a new Macbook Pro with Radeon Pro 560X 4GB. Guess what? Different hardware, different operating system, problem is the same, although the more powerful machine copes with it and does not freeze up, so I can close the file and reopen it... regularly. This is a known problem, so what would be helpful would be suggestions for pragmatic solutions.
  5. I'm using the panelling tools in Rhino to generate patterns of shapes to be cut from flat plates by laser. Rhino can convert its NURBS curves to lines or arcs [arcs in this case] to a degree which can be finely tuned. Then one can export the pattern as arcs using dxf. [Vectorworks can import Rhino 3DM files, but these are 3d only]. Sometimes Vectorworks imports these patterns as arcs quite happily, but sometimes, for no obvious reason, it insists on importing them as polylines, which if one decomposes them, consist of hundreds of tiny lines; this is not what a laser profiler wants. Neither can they be used to clip from shapes in Vectorworks, then extruded, so I can use them in a Vectorworks model [or not without locking up the Mac]. I know that the Rhino dxf/dwg export is fine, as I have other software which opens these files natively, and they come in correctly as arcs. I've been using Vectorworks to output dxf/dwg to profilers for years without problems, however the import of these files has often been ropey. Any ideas?
  6. Just crashed again just now. Seems to happen when changing views in a fairly complicated 3d model. I've found 2016 pretty snappy speed wise, in fact it saves to disk much more quickly than did 2015 for some reason.
  7. Ok, thanks for quick solution Jim. Be good if your colleagues explained this stuff in the install info though...
  8. Vw2016. As I said above, latest version on App store is 1.4.1
  9. Hello Jim It's iOs 9.1 Ronnie
  10. I wish to try the above. I have successfuly installed the plug in on my MacBook [manually, the installer doesn't work]. I have edited my workspace to place the Remote menu item in the Tools menu. I have installed the app on my iPad Air and scanned the QR code, but then connection fails with the iPad app announcing that I should update Vectorworks Remote on my mobile device to version 1.5.x.x. The current version on the App Store is 1.4.1. What gives?
  11. Ok, thanks. Point cloud should be 3d in wireframe though?
  12. Turns out it works if one renders it in Open GL; in wireframe [or any other render mode] it just displays as a flat low-res image. Is it possible to convert point cloud objects into useable VW solid or NURBS objects?
  13. Point cloud [known xyz file] imports as flat 2d object
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