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  1. Michael, It is working nicely will post result later. TY J
  2. Hello All, I am looking to create a spiral rail as well. See attached screen shot. The sweep creates all these excess lines when all I want is the rail profile? Not sure what I am doing wrong? Any help greatly appreciated. TY Jeremy
  3. Kopitebushie, there was a thread called "Whiter Ceiling" where there was some good rendering advice. Attached is a .txt file that I had posted under that thread that I am reposting here. Change the extension to .zip and open the Vectorworks file. The rendering that will open up is in Custom Renderworks, you should be able to follow along by looking at the various settings. HTH Jeremy
  4. Peter, that worked perfectly.... I retract my request ; ) J
  5. It would be nice to have the option to select the "edge" of an object as the base point for "extrude along path" rather than the centroid. As when using the feature with its present settings requires 1) drawing reference path 2) determining 1/2 the distance x & z 3) offsetting reference path by x dimension 4) changing view to a "side" view 5) moving object in the z plane... could be much simpler. TY J
  6. That did it, although this area light greatly increased render times in CRW at 300dpi. TY J
  7. Bill, no result to post at this time just a screen shot & a few questions. The placement of the highlighted area light at the window... If it is just outside the window the HDRI background is obscured, if just inside the window, the window mullions are obscured and the window reads as a flat white rectangle (area light). The create area light tool is a new one for me so I must be doing something wrong. Let me know what you see in the screen shot regarding placement of area light & OIP settings. TY J
  8. Bill,there was NO benefit from the HDRI lighting in this render. Normally I get impatient & quit the render but I had the time so I let it run to compare the benefits...not worth it for me. I was only using point lights (6) total, (3) of which were the wall sconces and ambient at 30%. I will try your suggestion of an area light just inside & a directional light just outside the window. I like multilayer paint on the floor, but will add bump. I will post the render result & plan showing lighting locations/info at some point tomorrow. TY J
  9. Don, I tried to create the situation you describe & the lines do not appear in Open GL, Fast RW, CRW, FQRW. So maybe try the settings from my attached file. Also, as I am new to image props, how do I get a single image,scaled correctly (Camry) as you had in your PDF? TY J
  10. Attached is the final image using an HDRI background. There is a BIG difference in render time if the Environmental Background Lighting is "From Current Background" (3.5 hrs) vs. (20 mins.) for "None". The issue with the dropped soffits from earlier in the post did not crop up again?? I ended up changing the floor as the pattern changed, only took about 15 mins. That file is attached as well, maybe it will save someone some time. Thanks for all your input. J
  11. Bill, thanks for the floor. See attached 14min. render CRW, No HDRI background, curve detail high. J
  12. Bump cubes worked nicely. I will play around a bit to fine tune TY J
  13. See attached file. Change extension from .txt to .zip TY J
  14. Jeff, I haven't been using the HDRI's but will explore after seeing your posted image. Each time I use the final gather gather settings my VW crashes... I am getting a decent ceiling using Dan J's technique from earlier in the post. I have (2) questions regarding the attached file: 1) Is there a way to make the tiled floor in the shower/tub area less monolithic w/o drawing the individual tiles. 2) The dropped soffits over the shower & lav's periodically become transparent, w/o me making any changes. For example I click the saved view, sometimes it renders correctly other times disappears? Any other setting comments are appreciated TY J (apparently a .zip file can't be attached here. I was looking to post the .vwx file but it is too large for the forum at 10.9MB)
  15. Dan, thanks for info regarding the bug. The Z-heights are from a template file. This portion of the drawing was copied out of the main file and the other levels, first floor at Z-height "0" were deleted. The bath is on the second floor set at 10'-0". TY J
  16. Yes,see attached screen shot for what I get. Very strange... TY J
  17. I am sure this is an easy fix but it is vexing me none-the-less. I have a camera view that is generated in a DL, I draw a rectangle to create a viewport & send it to a sheet layer, I get the distorted image attached (screenshot)?? What is wrong with my settings/ sequence. Isn't this the normal process? I am looking just to set an HDRI background outside the window. Attachment 1 is the image as an exported image file (JPEG) Attachment 2 is the screen shot TY J
  18. Attached has Constant Reflectivity in the Shader, reduced # of lights, Ambient Off. Any thoughts on the distorted view in the viewport? TY J
  19. Daniel, Attached is an example of trying to work out your (2) layer ceiling. I will follow your comments above regarding ambient/lighting, etc. but that has not yet been adjusted in the attachment. What is really bothering me for the purpose of this post is that when I create a viewport of my camera view, I get the distorted perspectival image on the sheet layer? TY J
  20. Maybe these will be useful...
  21. Unless there was a compelling reason design wise to eliminate them, I would ignore this request... sorry no magic
  22. Ray,I had already edited the cabinet symbols to have solid lines per Horsts earlier post, took only a few mins. so no real harm but thanks for clarifying that solids can't have line attributes. I increased the px-in to 600. It took about 30 min. rendertime. The prior was 300 px-in. TY J
  23. Ray, the counter is still an open question, it will be supported either with steel angles, concealed in corbel/bracket or per my prior "Lathe" inquiry, I may support the ends on a column/leg. Horst, the Cabinet symbol is simply the ungrouped stock VW cabinets & I did not notice that they were "dashed" lines when revising them. Great find, apparently there will be (1) more final rendering. Many thanks, J
  24. Vincent, Horst, Ray et al, thanks for all your help attached is the final image. J
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